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Circa - 1977

Kramer 250g-Neptune, NJ 2 pickup, electric guitar, 1977, black finish, white pickguard, double cutaway This is a double cutaway, solid hardwood body Kramer 250G made in Neptune, New Jersey, circa 1977. It features a black finish on exotic woods, a white plastic pickguard on which all of the electronics are mounted, two metal, single coil pickups with embossed Kramer logos on each, an aluminum nut, a tuning fork aluminum headstock, a patented aluminum "t-neck" with wood inlays, a metal, two-way adjustable bridge/tailpiece with individual saddles, and two aluminum strap pins. This Kramer 250g looks lovely and sounds superb. With its fast action, it is a joy to play and it looks as if it's almost new. This guitar will be appreciated by players and collectors. It comes with an original hardshell case featuring the Kramer logo. Get this fantastic instrument while you can.

This guitar is in very good condition and 100% original. It is very clean except for two small dings on the lower bass bout that do not even penetrate the finish and a few barely visible surface scratches on the rear of the instrument. There is also one thin scratch near the heel. All the electronics work properly and the instrument sounds great.
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The all original, six, closed back, individual Schaller tuners with metal buttons function smoothly and are in good working order. Description from

It has a straight neck attached to the body by three hex bolts underneath a narrow aluminum plate that features the serial number and place of production. The neck has 22 specially designed "center-touch" frets with a zero fret on an ebanol fingerboard with aluminum dot inlays and a 25" scale. The ebanol fingerboard has the look and feel of ebony but the people at Kramer said it will not crack, warp, chip or shift. This guitar has an aluminum nut to enhance sustain and that will not crack or break. The neck is kept straight by its aluminum skeletal T design which also gives the guitar great sustain. The aluminum neck has slots for wood inlays to provide a natural warmth for the player's hand that the aluminum cannot. The aluminum, tuning fork headstock has no wear. There is some minor wear on the first three frets but this has no impact the sound or playability of the instrument. The action is fast and the neck feels good to play.

There are two metal, single coil pickups, embossed with the Kramer logo. The neck pickup has clean, rich, full, bell-like sound. The bridge has a full, clean, crispy, edgy tone. There is one volume knob and one tone knob effecting both pickups plus a toggle to switch to neck, bridge or both pickups. Using the controls, the player can acheive a wide variety of tones suitable for a myriad of musical styles. The pots are clean and in good condition. All guitar electronics work properly.

    Overall length: 37.5"Description from
    Body width: 13.5"
    Body thickness: 1.5 (1 7/8" with neck)
    Scale: 25"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1.75" (depth 7/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"
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Here's the original description from the Kramer catalog:

All Kramer Guitars and Basses use the following exclusive features:
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    Ebonal Fingerboards that won't crack, warp, chip or shift.
    "Center-Touch" Petillo fret wire (patent applied for) that provides perfect fret-to-fret intonation and fingering positioning.Description from
    Power Forged aluminum "T-Neck" (patent pending) that offers absolute rigidity in all models guaranteeing no warping or twisting.Description from
    Combines the strength of forged aluminum with the warmth of wood in the Kramer neck.
    Fret-Positioning that allows every artist to achieve perfect intonation with single notes or chords.Description from
    Sustaining Qualities that surpass most popular, professional guitars or basses.
    Customed Tooled aluminum and stainless steel used for all inlays, hardware, nuts, bridges and cover plates.Description from
    Select Matching Wood inlays in back of "T-Neck" for playing ease and comfort.
    Precision Body Contouring designed to make every artist completely comfortable with his instrument.Description from

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Kramer 250g-Neptune, NJ 2 pickup, electric guitar, 1977, black, white pickguard, double cutaway

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