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Silvertone 1448 electric guitar 1 pick up made in USA circa1962 black speckle double cutaway amp in case This Silvertone made by Danelectro is a one pickup, amp-in-case model; however, the amp-in-case is not included with this guitar. What is included is a masonite over pine construction with a black silver flake finish, a single coil lipstick tube-style pickup, an in-line scoop headstock, a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, a fixed, four-way adjustable chromed brass bridge with a Brazilian rosewood saddle, a metal nut, a white masonite pickguard on which the knobs and input jack are located and white tolex binding. The short scale, straight neck, reinforced by steel rods, and the fast action on this guitar make it a real joy to play. This guitar is also about five pounds so it is easy to carry from gig to gig and it is balanced perfectly for playing. This guitar has a clean, sweet tone that tells the story of its more than fifty years of maturation and it looks and feels fantastic. This guitar, with its plastic buttons on the tuners, is one of the earlier, very rare makes of this model and it is difficult to find. Get this guitar now while you can. Description from

CONDITION:Description from
This guitar is very clean and in good condition. There are some barely visible scratches and one tiny ding on the back. There is also a small, barely visible spot of wear at the upper treble horn. At the bottom edge of the lower treble bout there is a little, tiny bit of wear. Some lines of thin scratches (about seven) radiate out around the input jack from the bottom point of the pickguard. It looks as if someone did it on purpose for some sort of design. Even with this minor cosmetic wear, this 1448 still plays well and sounds fantastic.Description from

TUNERS:Description from
The opened back, six in-line, one-piece chrome tuners with roundish, plastic buttons are in very good working order.
Description from

NECK:Description from
It has a bolt-on, straight, poplar neck with dot inlays on a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, 18 frets, and a 24" scale. The headstock, a logo'd, in-line, scoop headstock design has very minimal paint wear at the edges and the Silvertone logo is a bit faded. Steel rods keep the neck straight and the action is fast.

PICKUPS:Description from
It has one single coil, lipstick tube-style pickup. This guitar has a single coil clear, clean quality with a warm bridge pickup tone that is good for rock and roll, funk, country, blues, soul, etc. There are two pots for volume and tone. Each black plastic knob has a cardboard insert on top with a triangle pattern indicator and a tone or volume label depending on the knob's function. All of the electronics are clean and fully functional.

The Dimensions are:Description from
    Overall length: 35.25"
    Body width: 13"Description from
    Body thickness: 1 5/8" (with neck: 1 15/16")
    Scale: 24"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1 5/8" (Depth at nut: 7/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/8"
Description from

Here's the original description from the 1964 Sears catalog:

Electric Guitar OutfitDescription from
Single-pickup Guitar with 5-in. speaker, amplifier built into carrying beginner's record.Description from

The Guitar..fine quality, fine sound from solid-center-body electric guitar. About 34x13x2 inches. In glistening black finish with silver-color accents. 18-fret fingerboard of Brazilian rosewood. Separate tone and volume control on body.Description from
Case and Amplifier..styled in simulated-leather-covered hardboard with accents to match guitar. 2 tubes plus rectifier for rich reproduction. about 37x15x3 in. With chord charts and pick.Description from

57 X 1448L - Shipping weight 23 pounds
Description from

Silvertone 1448 Item #: d2080 SOLD

Silvertone 1448 electric guitar 1 pickup made in USA circa 1962 black speckle double cutaway amp in case