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Coral Firefly 2N
circa 1967

Coral Firefly sunburst 2 pickups Vincent Bell pickgaurd This is a Coral Firefly, a Vincent Bell Signature Design. This guitar, with its sunburst finish, has all the great features of the Coral Firefly line: genuine Brazilian rosewood head and fretboard; exclusive slim, never-warp neck reinforced by dual steel beams that never need adjustment; simple string action adjustment at neck socket for easy selective action; double cutaway hollow body; arched spruce top with English maple back and sides; two f-holes; white celluloid binding with a double stripe inlay on the body; a clear and frosted plastic raised pickguard featuring the "Vincent Bell signataure design" logo; Brazilian rosewood saddle on a stainless steel bridge that is also the top of the trapeze style, fixed tailpiece that features the "Coral" logo; two lipstick tube pickups with polished stainless steel surrounds; lower body edge input location with a polished stainless steel large rectangular plate. Coral Firefly bodies were made in Japan (from 1967-1969) then sent back to New Jersey where the electronics and necks were installed. This particular guitar has a really low, super fast action and a fantastic sound. It plays excellently and looks beautiful. Do not miss the opportunity to own this rare, rockin' piece of guitar history.

CONDITION:Description from
This guitar is very clean and in good condition. There is one short line of crazing between the neck and neck pickup near the low E string and another longer line between the bridge and the coral logo on the trapeze tailpiece right under the B string. There are also two other hardly visible lines of crazing near the f hole on the lower bass bout and about three tiny spots of wear on the upper bass horn. The finish is still vibrant.

TUNERS:Description from
The individual closed-back, chrome-plated Kluson Deluxe tuners with metal buttons are in very good, smooth working order.
Description from

NECK:Description from
It has a bolt-on, straight neck with dot inlays on a rosewood fretboard, 21 frets, and 24.5" scale. Frets are in very good condition. The back of the neck has no playing wear. There is one barely noticeable small spot of wear on the back of the neck that does not affect the playability. The 1967 In-Line Style 3 Danelectro headstock is very clean. There is one spot of wear on the center back and on the bottom sides where a guitar stand touches it. There is also very minor wear on top and a tiny invisible spot near the metallic, raised "Coral" logo's "C". Above the Coral logo is a silkscreened, "Firefly" logo. The action is fast and the fretboard feels fantastic under the fingers.
Description from

PICKUPS:Description from
The two single-coil lipstick tube style pickups with polished stainless steel surrounds, wired in series, are potent and in good working order. The neck pickup is good and loud with a warm, smooth, clean tone perfect for jazz, rock and blues. The bridge pickup is twangy with an edgier bit of bite and grit, perfect for rock, punk, funk and classic soul. Both pickups together are clear and loud because of the parallel as opposed to series wiring. One volume and one tone control for each pickup and a three way toggle switch for pickup selection, bridge, neck and both. A wide variety of tones can be achieved depending on the settings. All the electronics are in great working order.
Description from

The Dimensions are:Description from
    Overall length: 41"
    Body width: 16"Description from
    Body thickness: 2 1/8" (with neck: 2.5")
    Scale: 24.5"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1 7/8" (Depth at nut: .75")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"

Here's the description from the original print advertisement:

Coral Firely
Classic double cutaway design offers truly outstanding performances in a moderately priced selection. Genuine Brazilian Rosewood head and fingerboard. Our new rosewood neck binding as featured on the most expensive custom guitars assures playing ease. Same famous Coral fast action neck. Inlaid binding featured on front and back perimeter. Available in attractive Red and Sunburst finish. Same as the F2N6 with famous Bigsby Vibrato talpiece.
List price $229.00
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Danelectro Coral Firefly 2N Item #: d2068 $1279
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Coral Firefly sunburst 2 pickups Vincent Bell pickgaurd

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