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DANELECTRO: UB2 6 String Baritone Bass Guitar
Circa 1956

Danelectro UB2 baritone, U2, made in Neptune, NJ, 1956, gleaming black lacquer finish, 2 pickups. This is a UB2 six string baritone bass guitar made by Danelectro of Neptune, NJ in 1956. It is a single cutaway, solid center construction with a Masonite top and back on a pine frame. This UB2 also features a Gleaming Black lacquer finish, ivory colored vinyl binding on the body, a clear, plastic pickguard with a perimeter stripe and "D" logo, dual stacked concentric white plastic knobs, a 4 way adjustable chrome plated brass bridge with a Brazilian rosewood saddle, two lipstick tube pickups, two white plastic strap pins and a Coke bottle headstock. The UB2 guitars were part of Danelectro's "U" series models and were only produced between the years 1956 and 1958. This rare beauty still looks and sounds fantastic after approximately sixty years. It has been refurbished and restored to its original grandeur with all original parts. This instrument is basically New Old Stock. Even the original burst on the neck has been restored. Duane Eddy has used a Danelectro baritone on a few of his hits in the early 1960s. Brian Wilson has also featured the sound of the baritone guitar on a few Beach Boy hits. Other musicians, such as Jimmy Rodgers and Glenn Campbell have baritones on their recorded music as well. Heavy metal and other rock musicians have used the baritone to achieve a heavier, darker feel to their music. With its terrific tone and feel, this particular instrument plays and sounds fantastic.

This guitar is 100% original and it is in great condition. The finish is very clean, glimmering and beautiful. There are no blemishes or wear. It is a beautiful guitar that plays nicely and sounds sweet.

The closed-back 2x3 inline Kluson Deluxe tuners with white plastic buttons, are in very good working condition. All of the tuners are smooth and hold the pitch well.
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It has a straight, bolt-on, neck with a black laqcuer burst finish on the back matching the body's finish, circular plastic inlays on a rosewood fretboard, an aluminum nut, 24 frets a 29.75" scale. The headstock, featuring a black lacquer finish matching the body's and a vertical silkscreened logo, is very clean. The neck is kept straight with a dual, steel, non-adjustable, "Never Warp" truss rod. With its fast action, this neck feels fine under your fingers.
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This guitar has two single coil lipstick tube style pickups. The neck pickup has a clean crisp tone while the bridge pickup has a bright clean tone. Each pickup becomes warmer with the tone knob. This guitar is suitable for rock, country, rockabilly, heavy rock, and surf rock. You can use your imagination and apply the sound of a baritone guitar to other styles of music. This guitar has one volume and one tone pot, concentrically stacked for each pickup and a three way toggle to switch between the neck, bridge or both pickups. The electronics are clean sounding and in great working order.
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The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 43.5"Description from
    Body width: 13"
    Body thickness: 1.75" with neck 1 15/16"Description from
    Scale: 29.75" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1 5/8" (depth 7/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"
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Here's an original description from the 1957 Grossman Music Corporation Catalog:
Description from
6 string bass guitar...Description from
A brand new instrument that combines the best qualities of Spanish guitar and big string bass
Description from
What it is...Description from
A 6-string guitar with extra long neck and fingerboard, extra long strings. Twenty-four frets, two full octaves on each string, total range of four octaves. Neck joins body at 17th fret. Tuning is the same as on a regular guitar but one octave lower.
Description from
What it does...Description from
Since the bottom four strings are tuned exactly the same as a big string bass, this instrument makes a perfect bass, except for bowing. Total range is much greater than that of a conventional bass so that the playing of melody, chords and riffs can be accomplished as on a regular guitar. It is possible to produce melody and bass accompaniment so complete musically, that only large keyboard instruments can compare. This instrument is terrific for rhythm and for melody, and simply cannot be beat for combining both.
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How it compares...Description from
Measure of comparison is the conventional 4-string electric bass. The Danelectro bass has six strings, giving much greater range; double pickup instead of single; 3-way switch; softer action; non-warp neck-slimmer and stronger; fully adjustable bridge; solid center body.
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What it will do for you...Description from
If you are a professional guitarist, this instrument means more demand for your services, because with it you can do more things. You can play guitar and double on bass with one instrument. If you are a teacher or school operator, this instrument will round out your ensembles. It will supply this missing depth. If you are a student, you can master this instrument as easily as regular guitar, but with it you will stand out from the crowd.
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Available in three colors...Description from
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GLEAMING BLACK LACQUER, Ivory binding. UB-2 Black $135
ANTIQUE BRONZE LACQUER, Ivory binding. UB-2 Bronze $135
GRAINED IVORY LEATHERETTE, Black binding UB-2 Ivory $135
HARD SHELL CASE, MODEL M46, plush lined $30Description from
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Danelectro UB2 Item #: d2077 $2879
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Danelectro UB2 baritone, U2, made in Neptune, NJ, 1956, gleaming black lacquer finish, 2 pickups

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