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DANELECTRO: Convertible
Circa in 1964

Danelectro Convertible acoustic guitar, symmetrical double cutaway, white woodgrain finish, 19This is a hollow body, symmetrical double cutaway acoustic guitar made by Danelectro. This instrument has Danelectro's classic Masonite front and back. It also features a blond wood grain pattern finish, white vinyl leather-like binding, a Coke-bottle headstock, a Brazilian rosewood four-way adjustable bridge with a a section of fret-wire across as a saddle, a bent aluminum tailpiece attached at the bottom of the front of the guitar with two screws, a rosewood fingerboard, a round sound hole intersected by a cutout where the optional lipstick tube style pickup would be place, two metal studs on either side of the cutout, three metal studs where the controls for the pickups would be located, and two metal strap pins. The action is fast. This guitar is great to look at and play. It is for collectors and players. It comes with an original hardshell case.

CONDITION:Description from
This guitar is 100% original and in good condition cosmetically. The front Masonite board is warped, slightly caved in the front below the sound hole, and there is some tarnish/rust on the studs and tailpiece. There is a nearly invisible scratch to the suface on the back near the bolts, a small, very tiny spot of wear on the back bottom near the edge closer to the treble side.

TUNERS:Description from
All original, opened back, two piece, three in-line tuners with white, plastic buttons are very smooth and in great working order.
Description from

NECK:Description from
This guitar has a bolt-on neck with 21 frets, white plastic dot inlays, and a metal nut on a rosewood fingerboard with a 25" scale. The action is fast. The neck has a natural lacquer finish. Coke-bottle headstock has a silk-screened verticle 'Danelectro' logo. Metal rods are embedded into the neck to prevent warping.
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PICKUPS:Description from
The guitar is acoustic. You can attach lip-stick tube style pickups to the space provided.
Description from

DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 38"Description from
    Body width: 13.5"Description from
    Body thickness: 1.5" (2" with neck)
    Scale: 25"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1 7/8"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: 13/16" approximately
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16" Description from

Description from the original 1967 Danelectro catalogue: CONVERTIBLE
ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC. As A non-electric, this model produces clear sustained tones. The special pickup kit may be added if and when deisred, to convert to electric guitar. Simple installation. Predrilled holes have decorative inserts.
GUITAR WITHOUT PICKUP...Uses standard Danelectro neck. Fully adjustable bridge.
Blonde Model 5005.......$45
PICKUP KIT includes all controls and 10 ft. cord. Especially designed for MOdel 5005 guitar. Not for use with any other make or model.
Model 9010........$20
GUITAR WITH PICKUP...Same as 5005 with Pickup 9010 completely assemble at the factory. MAy be used with or without amplification.
Blond Model 5015.....$65
Hard Shell Case No. 9842...30
Zippered Canvas Bag No. 9800 10

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Danelectro Convertible acoustic guitar, symmetrical double cutaway, white woodgrain finish, 19