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Danelectro DC-59 2 pickup electric guitar, black, 2000 This is a Danelectro DC59, black, two lipstick pickup, semi-hollow body, electric guitar. This is a Korean made Danelectro from 2000 (first generation of reissues.) It's an extremely close replica of the 1959 Danelectro 3021; which is the same model Jimmy Page played live and in the studio with Led Zeppelin. It has the same classic Danelectro bridge. The new ones have a different style bridge. The tuners, with their retro-styling, are similar to the original also.

It's in near-mint condition; only very minor finish scuffs which you'll have to look closely at it to see. All the electronics work properly. The neck is straight and the action is set fast.

The bridge pick up has a twangy-surf sound that also, when turned up can get a biting rock sound like "All Right Now." The neck pickup is full and rich sounding but very slightly muted. The center position with both pickups actually sounds louder than either of the individual ones; which is unusual. It may actually be the best setting for the guitar. It's got some higher-end bite with a full low end.

It comes with a gig bag. But it will be packed extremely well for shipping. If you have further pre-sale questions contact us.

For more information on Danelectro guitars check out the history on the gallery page.

Danelectro DC59 Item#: d2028 SOLD

Danelectro DC-59 2 pickup electric guitar, black, 2000
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