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Circa 1978

Greco Go II three pickup, electric guitar, natural finish, neck-through, double cutaway This is a double cutaway, solid body, Greco Go II, made in Japan, circa 1978. It features a natural finish, a neck-through design, three single coil pickups with metal surrounds, two metal strap pins, three black, plastic numbered knobs, and an adjustable, metal bridge/floating tailpiece with six individually adjustable, metal roller-style saddles. This Go II comes with an original brown leather soft carry case. The guitar is in great shape especially for an instrument that is over 37 years old. It looks terrific, plays fantastic and sounds as good. This nearly mint condition guitar is perfect for players and collectors.Description from

This guitar is in very good condition and 100% original. The finish is very clean except for a small, barely visible, not even finish-deep, scrape on the back bass horn, a scratch on the side of the lower treble bout and a very tiny ding on the curve of the treble side. These blemishes are stated here in the interest of full disclosure; however, these marks are almost invisible. This Go II looks almost new if not for the very few dings. This is a beautiful instrument.
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The all original, individual, closed back, Greco Deluxe, tuners with silver, metal buttons are in good working order. Description from

It has a straight, neck-through-the-body, maple neck and fingerboard with circular, mother-of-pearl inlays, 24 frets and a zero fret, and a 24.75" scale. The frets have very minor, barely noticeable wear on the first three frets that does not affect the playability of the guitar. The headstock, featuring a silkscreened Go II logo over the words 'brazen picker professional', is clean with only some wear on the top edges. The 'Greco" logo is featured on the truss rod cover plate. With its fast action, the neck feels fine under your fingers.

The Go II has three single coil pickups with metal surrounds. There are three knobs and two switches. One knobs is used to adjust the tone of all three pickups and the other two knobs control the volume. One of the switches is a three postion selector used to choose the bridge, neck or middle pickup. The other switch allows the player to choose the tops two or the bottom two pickups. The two volume knobs allow the player to dial in the exact amount of volume from each of the two selected pickups. The top volume pot can be a little scratchy. The other pots and switches are clean and in good condition. The electronics are accessible through a stainless steel control cavity coverplate in the back. There is also a coverplate in the back that gives the player access to the tremolo bridge spring. The pickups have a sweet, smooth, clean versatile sound. The tones this guitar creates are suitable for a wide variety of musical styles including rock, funk, blues, country, soul, etc.
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    Overall length: 39"Description from
    Body width: 13"
    Body thickness: 1.5 (1.75" with neck)
    Scale: 25.75"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1.75" (depth .75")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"
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Greco Go II Item #: g2001 $879

Greco Go II three pickup, electric guitar, natural finish, neck-through, double cutaway

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