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1979/1980 - Model: TS-600 (Thor Sound)

This is a vintage Aria Pro II: TS-600 (Thor Sound) guitar from late 1979 or early 1980. For all you deadheads that don't want to spend a ton of money on an Alembic this is a serious close second. Jerry Garcia would have loved this guitar. It's got a neck-through-style with beautiful mother-of-pearl inlays and a just an incredible set of woods used throughout. This is an excellent quality Japanese made guitar from the infamous Matsumoko Factory.

The tonal range is amazing: from clean to total distortion with a flick of a switch. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. It's almost all original except the truss-rod cover is missing and the tone selector switch has been replaced (although you'd never know it wasn't original). It does have the usual wear for a 25 year old guitar but the nicks just add to it's vintage character.

Aria Pro II - electric guitar 1979 solidbody TS-600 Here's the full specifications:
Aria Pro II: TS-600 (Thor Sound)
Model AA636

* 5 ply maple/walnut transmit neck
* Brass top nut
* Ebony fingerboard
* 24 frets
* Ash/maple/ash body
* 2 Protomatic-III pickups
* Master volume control
* Master tone control
* Pickup selector switch
* Booster switch
* Dual sound switches
* Phase switch
* 6-position selector switch
* Walnut or Oak finish
* String-thru-body Bridge with brass saddles
* Chrome hardware

1. 3-position pickup selector switch
2. Master volume control
3. Master tone control
4. 6-position tone selector switch: Selects a by-pass circuit or Lo-cut/Hi-cut filters in 5 steps
5. Booster switch
6. Booster level control: You can pre-set selected volume levels and achieve instant distortion on a flick of a switch. Even if the battery power is exhausted, normal sound can be obtained with the booster switch in "OFF"
7. Dual sound switch (front)
8. Dual sound switch (rear): Selects either series or parallel connection
9 Phase reversal switch: Changes the phase between the front and rear pickups to achieve the distinctive "out-of-phase" sound providing really good attack and sound variations

Aria Pro II: TS-600 Item #: ap-0001 SOLD

Aria Pro II TS-600 - 1979-1980- solidbody