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This is a sweet mid 1960's Silvertone made by Harmony of Chicago. This is a thinline, semi-hollow body similar to Gibson's ES-335. The pickups are Gibson Mini-P90's, mother-of-pearl inlays on the neck, and a Bigsby tremolo/whammy bar. This guitar has a range from Jazz to Surf Punk and many things in between. Chris Isaak plays one of these. The tone controls have a cool roll-off when turned up or down to give a brighter or more muted sound. There's rumors that Harmony made guitars for Gibson for a while in the mid-1960's and it's believed this is the same guitar. Apparently, Gibson traded pickups for guitar body's with Harmony so that's how this got the mini-P90's.Description from

This guitar is in excellent condition and is almost completely original except the strap pin was replaced. It has a couple of nicks, some scratches, finish crazing, and wear as to be expected for a guitar this old that's been played but over all it's extremely clean. All the electronics work fine. The neck is straight, medium-thick, and the action is fast. It has a cheap chipboard case but will be packed extremely well for shipping. The guitar was just recently set up.Description from

Harmony model #1446 Item #: h3010 SOLD

Silvertone 1446L - Harmony Semi-Hollow Body