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Silvertone H78 - Harmony Semi-Hollow Body electric guitar 1968 This Silvertone is a 1967 (circa), semi-hollow body, electric guitar made by Harmony of Chicago. It's the same guitar as the Harmony's Rebels (model H78) made in the 1960s; not the 1970's versions with the slider controls. It is similar to the Rickenbacker's The Beatles, The Byrds and every other band in the 1960's used. It has DeArmond pick ups, mother-of-pearl inlays on neck, and whammy bar.

This guitar is in excellent condition and is almost completely original except for one screw that was replaced on the bridge. It has a couple of nicks, some scratches and wear as to be expected for a guitar this old that's been played but over all it's extremely clean. All the electronics work fine. The only flaw is that one of the tuning pegs is a slight bit tight but it can still be tuned fine. The neck is a medium-thick and the action is set medium but can be adjusted as desired. It has a chipboard case but will be packed extremely well for shipping. The guitar is set up and ready to rock!

Harmony model #H78 Item #: h3003 SOLD

Silvertone H78 - Harmony Semi-Hollow Body Silvertone H78 - Harmony Semi-Hollow Body details

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