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MICRO-FRETS: SIGNATURE electric guitarThis is a Microfrets Signature electric guitar from approximately 1971 or 1972. It's a "Style 3" era from Micro-frets. Microfrets was a small US-based guitar manufacturer from 1967-1974 located in Maryland. The founder, Ralph Jones, was an engineer who decided to optimize and innovate the electric guitars of the time. His designs were extremely influential and showed up in many modern guitars. Micro-Frets made approximately 4000 guitars during their entire existence. The factory was run by musicians and guitar technicians so their designs were constantly evolving.

The tonal range is from surf rock, to sweet almost jazzy sounding to a good biting rock tone. It's three position tone control gives the various sound but also has a kind muting switch which basically turns the tone all the way down to get more of the jazz sound. It's tonal range is quite versatile. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. This MicroFrets Signature is completely original and includes the original case and printed brochures that came with it. It does have some belt wear on the back but otherwise it's pretty flawless. The guitar was recently set up by a former Micro-Frets employee who was quite surprised and excited to see it. This guitar holds tune amazingly well. Depeche Mode's Martin Gore and Carl Perkins both played Micro-Frets guitars so you can get a sense for their range from those players. You can find more information on the Micro-Frets guitars here and here

Here's the full specifications:
Micro-Frets Signature
Serial number 33xx (the last two digits removed for security purposes)

* Micro-nut (see description from original literature below)
- "The Micro-Nut can be adjusted to provide for perfect tune when using in conjunction with a proper bridge correcting device, such as the "Calibrato", another patented accessory by the Micro-Frets Corporation. The Micro-Nut will adjust each individual string to the desired height and the string guide adjusts the distance between the strings to be wider or narrow as you prefer."

* Calibrato (Precision Pitch Modulation) - Microsonic Bridge with Sustained Harmonic Action and Floating Power - This bridge keeps the strings in true tune at all pitch levels. It eliminates the usual discord and de-tuning which results when older devices are used and which keeps only the one string in tune.

* The pickups are made out of white Plexiglass. They're designed and made by Micro-Frets.

* Two-piece semi-hollow bodies

* Speedline neck which addressed the problem of being able to bend notes up the neck that earlier models often had due to the small, low frets and rounded fingerboard.

* Two piece hollow bodies that were routed out of quality hardwoods

* Elliptical neck profiles for a more ergonomic and comfortable feel

* Locking bridge saddles

Micro-Frets Signature Item #: mic-0001 SOLD

Micro-Frets Signature

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