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circa 1967

Silvertone Kay 1411 1pu solid body red electric guitar This is a really nice Silvertone, red, solid body, model 1411, electric guitar made for Sears by Kay of Chicago. It has one hot pickup that cranks. It's a beginners guitar with a really nice, thick neck. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. The action is set medium-fast. It plays really well especially for the low-end of the Silvertone line. This is definitely a collectors and/or players guitar. There's a few scratches/minor belt wear and a couple of minor nicks but overall it's in great condition.

The guitar is almost completely original. There's two very minor things that have been replaced one is the rear guitar strap button. I replaced it with a modern, identical to original version. The other is one of the tuners was replaced with an identical single tuner but retro- fitted into the existing six-in-line. It seems that only the bushings and base structure were replaced; the actual brass pole is original. You'd never know it was done unless you inspected it very carefully.
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It's also one of the last guitars Kay made for Silvertone. Kay was bought in 1967 by Teisco. So they changed the pickups and eventually the entire line of guitars offered. Check out the original item description below; they gave two extra strings in the original package! I guess a full set would have cost too much or maybe they just figured the B and E's were always going to get broken by the kids playing these babies.

1967 Sears Catalog listing:

Single pickup. Double cutaway style. Steel reinforced neck, rosewood fingerboard with inlaid position markers. Adjustable bridge. Tone and volume controls; sturdy body with hard maple veneer, polished lacquer red finish with black guard-plate. With vinyl carrying bag, pick, extra B and E strings. 10-foot cord. 2 x 13 x 39 inches long.
Shipping weight 10 pounds.
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57 G 1411L......$37.95

Silvertone model #1411 Item #: kay2003 SOLD

Silvertone Kay 1411 1pu solid body red electric guitar

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