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Sears Model: 1305L

Silvertone Danelectro U3 electric guitar This is an extremely rare 1959 Silvertone U3, triple-pickup, Sears model number: 1305L, electric guitar made by Danelectro. It's part of Danelectro's "U" line. The guitar is in great shape: the neck is straight and all the electronics work well. It's got a few nicks but overall it's extremely clean. There is a little bit of writing on the back of the body near the neck on the Tolex binding. This is the "coke-bottle" headstock model with three lipstick pickups. These guitars are extremely rare. I've only seen three others in the last four years. So if you're a serious Silvertone or Danelectro fan grab this before it goes because you probably won't see many more. The guitar feels and plays fantastic. The pickups are strong and the diversity of sounds is very broad in range.

I had the guitar modified slightly so the neck pick-up no longer functions as a "bass." A capacitor was taken out of the pickup's chain so it's much louder and brighter. It plays much better this way. I felt the pickup was just too quiet to be functional the way it was originally wired. But if you purchase it and want it changed back to it's original state I'll do that before shipping it out (no charge).

The guitar is completely original except someone changed the tuners and the guitar strap button was replaced with an identical modern version. The tuners look original and you'd almost miss that they were changed if you didn't look closely. But I believe the originals were either the same as these but with plastic knobs or they were Kluson Deluxes. I've seen very few of these guitars so it's hard to identify what the exact originals are.

1958 Sears Catalog description:

Silvertone solid-body style Electric Guitars..4 popular models
Single, double, triple pickups or Bass Guitar..steel reinforced neck for extra slimness, easier fingering

(A), (B) Single and Dual-pickup Guitars. Neck has special steel reinforcement...resists warping. Brazillian rosewood fingerboard. Accurately fretted. Solid center body. Core of hardwood balanced by hollow wing sections. 4-way adjustable bridge--up, down, forward, back. Split shell metal-enclosed pickup. 3-position switch. Double tone and volume knobs for each pickup. Bronze or black lacquer finish. Contrasting edge trim.

(C) Triple-pickup Guitar. Third pickup for brilliance and overtones. Pickups can be flipped on or off with feather-like touch. Plus all features described above. White and black finish. Cord, pick, instructions, incl. 38 3/4 x 17 3/4 in. 57 G 1305L -- Shipping weight 10 lbs...$9 down.......Cash $89.95

Danelectro model #U3 Item #: d2021 SOLD

Silvertone - Danelectro model 1305L (U3)

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