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circa 1956

Silvertone-Harmony H62 electric guitar 2 pick ups chicago made 1957 archtop black This is an extremely rare 1950's Silvertone H62 (It was also model number 1385L and renumbered 1427L in 1960) archtop electric guitar made by Harmony of Chicago. It's virtually identical to the Espanda except the binding is not aluminum on this model. It's a thick body, jazz style guitar. It's in great shape for it's age (50). The neck is straight, all the electronics work properly and it was just set up so the action is pretty fast. It's got the usual wear for a guitar this age; there's some crazing (finish cracks) and a few nicks here and there but overall it's quite beautiful. The tonal range is stunning: from Punk to Jazz to Country. It comes with the orignal case and guitar strap. The case is a bit beat up but it works fine.

This Silvertone guitar is great piece of American craftsmanship but not only is it incredible to look at it sounds amazing too. This is a guitar that you'll want to hold onto forever and it will also appreciate in value significantly because it's so rare!

Silvertone-Harmony H62 Item #: h3010 SOLD

Silvertone-Harmony H62
Silvertone-Harmony H62-guitar case

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