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Teisco - EP-10T hollow body electric guitar - 2pickups sunburst This guitar is a 1966, Teisco EP-10T, thinline, hollow body electric guitar with a sunburst finish that was made in Japan. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. It's in near mint condition; the only thing that makes it not mint is one very minor finish crack on the back and some factory blemishes in the finish; otherwise it's virtually brand new. The guitar was owned by one person who took meticulous care of it. He said it was played very little over the years and it sure shows! It was purchased as a "Leeds" store in Florida in 1966. Leeds was later purchased by the Service Merchandise chain.

The pickups have six different setting combinations. There's toggle button for "rhythm" and "solo"; which give either a twangy (rhythm) tone or full sound (solo). They can be used in conjunction with the individual pickups or with both together. So this guitar is capable of a very broad range of tones. The whammy bar works well. It plays and feels amazing. It has a laminated neck with adjustable truss rod, steel reinforced neck, triple-plated chrome hardware, the pickups have laminated poles, a roller-bridge, and whammy bar. The serial number is 252002. It comes with the original chipboard case shown below.

Teisco also made many of the Silvertone guitars from 1965-1970; check out the gallery and For Sale section for more info on them. If you'd like more information on Teisco guitars check out the TeiscoTwangers web site.

Teisco model EP-10T Item #: teis2002 SOLD

Teisco - EP-10T hollow body electric guitar - 2pickups sunburst