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circa 1973

Univox Custom - Les Paul style 2 pickup solid body electric guitar in black This is an early to mid 1970's (circa 1973), Univox Custom (U1885) electric guitar. The guitar is black with gold hardware. It's a Japanese made knock-off of the Gibson's Les Paul. It has a rosewood fretboard, mother of pearl inlays, single cutaway, Gibson-lawsuit era headstock, 2 humbucking pickups (they don't make noise so I'm assuming they're humbuckers), and Steel Adjustable Neck. It's serial number is 01455xx (last 2 digits removed). It includes the original case which is in fairly decent condition for it's age. Description from

It is completely original. Here's the minuses: the volume knob is a bit hard to turn but it does work fine, and it's been touched up in a couple of spots. So this is a players and collectors guitar. This axe was definitely meant for rock; like it's inspiration. The bridge pickup is raw, biting and twangy. The neck pickup is smooth and full with a slight bite. Overall, it really rocks!

This guitar was made in the infamous Matsumoko guitar factory in Japan. It's the same factory that produced the Aria and Ibanez guitars. It was also the factory/company that was involved in the copyright lawsuit of the 1970's.

Univox guitars were made from the early 1960's through 1978. The guitars were made in Japan at the Matsumoko factory which burned down in 1985. Unicord also manufactured amplifiers in Westbury New York but eventually moved the production to Japan. After 1978 the name changed to Westbury and then Stage guitars. The company changed hands or merged several times over it's history but the main company was called Unicord. They stopped producing guitars and amps in 1985 and had the remainder of the company bought by Korg at that time.
Description from

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Univox Custom - Les Paul style 2 pickup solid body electric guitar in black

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