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Harmony: Model H70
METEOR: Circa 1966

Harmony H70 made by Harmony in Chicago, two pickup, electric guitar, hollow body, sunburst white  binding, spruce top, maple sides and back, made in 1966 This is an H70 guitar made by Harmony of Chicago circa 1966. It is a hollowbody, sunburst, bound, archtop with two single coil pickups with metal surrounds, raised, molded, tortoise shell pickguard, matched spruce top with maple sides and back, white knobs, a black plastic strap button at the top and a white one on the bottom, two f-holes, trapeze style fixed tailpeice, white celluloid binding on the body and neck, and an adjustable rosewood bridge. It is 100% original and still looks fine for an over sixty-four year old instrument. This H70 is in good condition. The neck is straight, the action is fast and the pickup seems to be as clear and potent as ever. It still looks lovely, feels fantastic and sounds superb. Don't miss your chance to get this classic!

This guitar is 100% original. It is in good condition. There is one small spot of wear on the bottom of the front and a few more spots of wear on the bottom of the back. The sides have about two small spots of wear. The headstock has some wear on the edges. This guitar looks fantastic, plays beautifully and sounds great!
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The individual, opened-back, tuners with white plastic buttons are in good working condition. They turn smoothly and hold the tuning well.
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The neck is in good shape. It's a straight, bolt-on neck with rectangular, mother-of-pearl inlays on a rosewood fretboard, 20 frets, and a 24" scale. There is a small bit of playing wear on the first fret. The headstock features raised, metallic "Harmony Meteor" logo. The front of the headstock is very clean but there is some wear around the edges. The action is fast. The neck is kept straight with Harmony's "Torque Lok" rod. The neck and the frets feel fantastic under your fingers. Description from

It has two mustache, single coil pickups. The neck pickup has a potent, round, warm, jazzy tone. The bridge pickup has a nice strong twangier tone. There is a tone and volume knob for each pickup. Using the controls, you can get a variety of sounds suitable for many musical styles, including, jazz, rock, country, rock-a-billy, soul, etc. The pots sound quite clean.

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 40.5"Description from
    Body width: 16"
    Body thickness: 2" with neck 2 3/8"Description from
    Scale: 24" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1 11/16" (depth 7/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"

1963 Harmony Catalog description:

Double Pickups-Each with Individual
Adjustable Polepieces-Flat Wound Strings

Reasons why you will want to try it:
"Ultra-Slim" Neck with Torque=Lok rod
"Ultra-Slim" Fingerboard-Uniform Feel-Short Scale for Easy Chording
"Ultra-Thin" Arched Tone Chamber Body-Spruce and Maple
Pickups Increase Range of Performance

Ease of holding the thin hollow cutaway body is matched by the uniform ease of fingering straight-line thin neck and slim narow speed-fretted fingerboard. Double pickups are rich in response and have adjustable pole pieces under each string, permitting precise balancing of string response. Individual tone and volume controls and changeover switch. Individual tuning keys. Heavy multiple edge bindingd and inlays. Size 15 3/4x40 1/2 in. -rim only 2 in. deep.
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No. H70-Guitar. Sunburst Shaded finish............................$184.50
**No. H70JH-Guitar for Left Handed Players. Allow 30 days.........$205.00
No. H71-Guitar. Natural Blonde finish.............................$189.50
No. C70-Carrying Case, keratol, plush lined.......................$ 22.50
**Also available for Left Handed Players-see listing

Harmony H70 Item#: h3073 $1299
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Harmony H70 made by Harmony in Chicago, two pickup, electric guitar, hollow body, sunburst white binding, spruce top, maple sides and back, made in 1966

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