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HARMONY H7208: Roy Smeck
circa 1962

Roy Smeck- Harmony 7208, Stratotone natural top finish, black back and sides, two pickups, made in Chicago circa 1962This is a Roy Smeck model guitar made by Harmony of Chicago circa 1962 as part of their Stratotone line. It is a fully celluloid bound, hollowbody, single cutaway guitar with a blond, natural top and black sides and back made of curly Maple. It has two single coil pickups, a unique, lightening bolt shaped black celluloid pickup mounting plate, an ebonised fingerboard with gorgeous rectangular mother-of-pearl inlays, an ebonised adjustable bridge and a metal trapeze style tailpiece. Endorsed by American Vaudevillian musician, Roy Smeck, nicknamed "Wizard of the Strings", this rare beauty is light in weight but feels very solid in your hands when playing. It is an instrument for both players and collecters. Not only does the fast action feels fantastic on the fingers and the tone is terrific, it also looks lovely with its unique pickgaurd and blender dial. Other than some areas of wear on the headstock and various places on the body, this guitar is pretty clean and looks good for a guitar that is approximately fifty-five years old.Description from

CONDITION:Description from
This guitar is in good condition. It is very clean and 100% original. The front has very little, barely visible, wear in the form of some light scratches that barely penetrates the natural finish. The back has about three deeper, minor scratches that go through the black paint as does the sides. There is also some paint wear around the input jack. There is some very minimal wear to the binding on the body too and the bottom white plastic strap pin is chipped. Even with this very minor wear, this guitar is beautiful.

TUNERS:Description from
The all original, closed back, 3x2, nickel patent tuners with white plastic buttons are in good working order. They are smooth and hold the tuning well.

NECK:Description from
Bolt-on, straight, fully bound, mother of pearl inlays on an ebonised fretboard, 20 frets, and 24.5" scale. There is a some very minor playing wear to the first four or five nickel-silver frets but otherwise they are in good condition and it does not effect the feel or playability of the guitar. There is some paint wear on the back of the neck and one noticable scrape to the paint. The headstock, featuring a raised metal Roy Smeck logo, has some wear on the back and the edges. Dual neck rods keep it straight. The action is nice and fast and the neck feels great in your hands.
Description from

PICKUPS:Description from
The two metal single coils with a special white diamond design have a nice warm, jazzy and potent tone that is very adjustable. The neck (bass) pickup is very strong, rich and potent with a nice edge while staying smooth, mellow and jazzy. The bridge (treble) pickup has similar rocking qualities but with more twang and a smooth bite. Both together are very adjustable giving you tones suitable for rock, jazz, blues, surf rock, country, etc. There is a tone and volume knob for each pickup. A four-way selector allows you to chose neck, bridge or both pickups or an instant change to a special rhtythm circuit. All electronics work excellently and sound clean.
Description from

DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 38.5"
    Body width: 13.5"
    Body thickness: 1 7/8" (2 1/8" with neck)
    Scale: 24.5"
    Width of the nut: 1 11/16"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: 1" approximately

Here's the original description from a 1960's Airline Harmony Catalog:Description from
Wards Better Hollow Body Cutaway Guitar
Description from
Double pickup. Roy Smeck endorsed. Two tone, 2 volume controls with 4-way switch to control each pickup separately, together or instant change to special rhythm circuit. Heavy celluloid inlaid binding on fingerboard and body. Blond top with Black back, sides. Curly Maple body. Oval, ebonised fingerboard with 7 large inlaid markers. Nickel-silver frets. Black celluloid pickup mounting plate. Adjustable ebonised bridge, dual neck rods. Nickel patent heads. Good tailpiece. Pick, instructions. Mailable.
62 A 7808 MOD-Wt. 6lbs. 2oz....Cash $89.95

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Roy Smeck- Harmony 7208, Stratotone natural top finish, black back and sides, two pickups, made in Chicago circa 1962

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