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HOPF: Jupiter 63
circa 1962

Hopf-Jupiter 63 white plastic hollow body, grey binding, black pickguard, 2 pickup electric guitarThis is a hollow body, double cutaway, Jupiter 63, electric guitar made in Germany by Hopf. This guitar features a white plastic body with grey plastic binding, a black plastic pickguard with the Hopf logo on which all of the electronics are mounted, two single coil pickups, a fully adjustable, metal bridge with individual string saddles and a metal cover, and a fixed metal tailpiece. This guitar is in beautiful shape for an instrument that is approximately over 53 years old. It has practically no blemishes and it plays and sounds superb. Its fast action feels fantastic under your fingers. It includes the original brown leather soft case. This guitar will be appreciated by both collectors and players.Description from

CONDITION:Description from
100% original, this guitar is clean and in good condition. There is a very small amount of wear to the body, which is constructed of a front and back made of light weight plastic held together by the grey binding. There is one spot of wear on the binding in the middle on the bass side and a tiny spot near the tailpiece. There is also a small spot of wear on the pickguard. On the back there are a very few bits of small scratches.
Description from

TUNERS:Description from
The all original, six in-line, opened back metal tuners with white plastic squared-off buttons are smooth and in great working order. The high e-string tuner is slightly bent but that does not affect its functioning.

NECK:Description from
It has a straight neck bolt-on with four screws on a metal plate, a rosewood fretboard with position markings on the side of the neck only, 20 frets with an additional zero fret and 24.25" scale. There is a tiny bit of wear on the top two frets and a very small amount of cosmetic wear on the center back of the neck. The action is fast. The frets and fretboard feels fantastic under your fingers. The headstock, featuring a black plastic plate on the front on which is a Jupiter 63 logo, is very clean with no wear. The neck is kept straight by Hopf Everstraight technology, which is a neck contructed of laminated multiple strips of wood, creating a very hard and dense neck so therefore no truss rod is necessary.Description from

PICKUPS:Description from
There are two single coil Schaller pickups. The neck pickup has a clean, warm, round tone perfect for jazz, soul, rock and blues. The bridge pickup, perfect for country, rock, surf rock, folk or funk, is warm and clean with a bit of brightness. Overall, the pickups work well and sound excellent. This guitar is capable of producing a wide variety of tones suitable for a myriad of musical styles. This guitar has one volume knobs for both pickups. This knob does not work and it's alway on full. There is also a four way switch for selecting tone and another four-way switch to choose neck, bridge, both pickups or no pickups.

DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 40"
    Body width: 13.5"Description from
    Body thickness: 2" (2 3/8" with neck)
    Scale: 24.25."
    Width of the nut: 1.75"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: 7/8" approximately
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"
Description from

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Hopf-Jupiter 63 white plastic hollow body, grey binding, black pickguard, 2 pickup electric guitar