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Circa 1990

Jery Jones, baby sitar, red gator finish, 1 lipstick tube pickup, circa 1990 This is a Baby Sitar made by Jerry Jones circa 1995. This solid body electric sitar has a roundish shape that resembles the front of a regular sitar but without the gourd back. It features a red gator finish, a white plexi-glass pickguard with a black vine graphic on which the controls and input are mounted, one single coil lipstick tube-style, intonated sitar Buzz-Bridge, metal fixed tailpiece, and a curved knee rest for playing comfort. Get that Coral Sitar sound that defined 60's rock and 70's soul. This sitar is 100% original and in good condition. With its fantastic fast action and terrific tone, this guitar plays like a dream. Get this guitar while you can.Description from

This sitar is 100% original, very clean and in good condition. There is one small, barely noticeable spot of wear on the edge of the bass side.

The six individual closed-back Gotoh tuners, with silver metal buttons, are in very good working condition. All of the tuners are smooth and hold the pitch well.
Description from

The neck is in good shape. It's a straight, bolt-on neck with circular aluminum inlays on an Indian Rosewood fretboard, a metal nut, 21 frets, and a 25" scale. The headstock, featuring a silkscreened, "Baby Sitar", logo is very clean. The neck is kept straight with a rod, adjustable at the bottom of the neck. With its fast action, the neck feels fantastic under your fingers.

The one, Jerry Jones own home-spun lipstick-tube pickup in Bridge position is very clean, crisp and potent. This guitar has that classic sitar twang. This guitar has two black knobs, one for volume and one for tone. The electronics sound clean and are in fine working order.

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 35.5"Description from
    Body width: 13"
    Body thickness: 1.5" with neck 2.75"Description from
    Scale: 25" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1 5/8" (depth .75")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"Description from

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Jery Jones, baby sitar, red gator finish, 1 lipstick tube pickup, circa 1990

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