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Magnatone - Mark IX
circa 1960

Magnatone mark IX stereo two double shielded pickups white circa 1960 This early 1960's Mark IX guitar, made by Magnatone of California, was part of their Artist Series which included the Mark VII and the Mark VIII models. The very rare Mark IX, designed by Paul Barth of Rickenbacker Guitars, is unique because it has two output jacks, as you can see in the photos below, providing stereo output for an outstandingly versatile combination of tones, sounds and options. When the mono/stereo switch is up to stereo, each pickup sends signal to its own output jack. You can adjust each output to your specific taste using the tone and volume knobs for each pickup. You can also plug this beauty into two separate styles of amps or through two different effect loops to create special tones never before achieved. Of course with the flick of a switch, you can easily play in traditional mono, as well, utilizing the pickup switch to attain a great variety of tones from the high (bridge) pickup, the mellow (neck) pickup and a combination of the both. This guitar is in good condition. Perfect for the player and collector, this guitar has super fast action and it is designed to give the player access to all the frets on the neck. The back and front of the hollow core body is made of one piece, select birch panels that provide the Mark IX with a strong rigidity that eliminates the possibility of glue line fractures. This unique construction also gives the Mark IX its super light weight and great playing balance. It has a fully adjustable bridge for perfect intonation of every string. With its great playability and awesome tone, this Magnatone Mark IX is an extremely rare and unique gem that you should not miss.

CONDITION:Description from
Very clean. The paint and the body are in very good condition with only about two slight small scrapes to the finish. The guitar was refinished to the its current white color and the tailpiece has been replaced.

TUNERS:Description from
All original, closed back, individual chrome plated, plastic button tuners in good working order.

NECK:Description from
Bolt-on, straight, hand crafted hardwood neck with a Brazilan rosewood fretboard chosen for its resistance to wear and perspiration. 21 frets and a zero fret for low, easy action. 25" scale and super thin neck for fast fingering supported by an arched, adjustable steel rod to balance string tension. The hand finished frets which were individually inspected for uniformity and proper height are in great condition. This neck and fingerboard feel fantastic under your fingers. The back of the neck has some minor playing wear but that does not effect the playability at all. The headstock has some slight paint wear on the edges, typical of a guitar of this age.

PICKUPS:Description from
Two double shielded pickups with powerful Alnico #5 magnets. Each pickup sends signal to its own individual output, creating a stereo signal, disabling the pickup selection switch or through the mono output jack. In mono, you can select the bridge, neck or both pickups. Neck (mellow) pickup is very strong, rich, and smooth, great for a folk, soul, rock or jazz gig. Bridge (high) pickup has a nice rock and roll bite that is also appropriate for funk. Both pickups produce a myriad of tones. The stereo options create endless possibilities for guitar. Individual volume and tone controls for both pickups along with the stereo/mono switch and the three position pickup selector switch. All electronics work properly.

DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 38.5"
    Body width: 13.5"
    Body thickness: 1.5" (2" with neck)
    Scale: 25"
    Width of the nut: 1 5/8"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: .75" approximately

Here's the original catalog description:Description from

Description from
The Mark IX Artist Series STEREO guitar, when used with any MAGNATONE Dual Channel Amplifier, is an amazingly versatile combination-the ultimate in fine musical instruments. It offers the musician a range of tone never before available. It fulfills the current demands for brilliant highs, as well as retaining the rich qualities of lower tones and the overall full bodied quality of the guitar sound. It may be used either as a stereo guitar or as a monaural guitar at the flick of a switch. The controls include dual tone and volume, dual output jacks, stereo/monaural switch and three way switch. The segmented bridge with multiple adjustment allows individual adjustment for each string for precise tuning and extremely accurate action control for the most exacting musician. Dual 8 foot cords included with each instrument. Description from

Magnatone Mark IX Item #: mag1003 SOLD

Magnatone mark IX stereo two double shielded pickups white circa 1960