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circa 1963

Magnatone Tornado - X-15 - 2 pickup solid body electric guitar This is an early-to-mid 1960's Magnatone Tornado, model X-15, electric guitar made by Magnatone of California. It's 100% original. It was designed by Paul Barth who worked with Rickenbacker for many years. It has a sunburst finish; which has crazing (finish cracks) and paint wear on the front and back. The guitar is in very good playing shape overall. The neck is straight and all the electronics work correctly.Description from

It's a really light guitar; clearly not the weight of a Strat which probably inspired the design. It has a really unique and well designed bridge and whammy bar which holds tune well. The pickups are super hot. It has a really interesting range of tones. When the switches are in the down position the bridge pickup sounds incredibly smooth and clean; great for Jazz or ballads. The neck pickup gives a hard wraspy, twang sound. When they're combined they're really full and edgy sounding. The up position gives a very hollow tone with similar characteristics to those previously stated. Check out the neck adjustment built into the neck plate. So it's really easy to make adjustments when necessary. Collectors and players will appreciate this guitar. It also includes the original hard-shell Magnatone case.Description from

Magnatone Tornado model #X-15 Item #: mag1002 SOLD

Magnatone Tornado - X-15 - 2 pickup solid body electric guitar