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MICRO-FRETS: Golden Melody
Circa 1968

Micro-Frets-Golden Melody hollow body, 2 pickup, sunburst finish, electric guitar, Micro-NutThis is an extremely rare, very early model, hollow body, double cutaway, thin concert size, Micro-Frets Golden Melody electric guitar made in Maryland, circa 1968. This guitar features a hardwood, hollow body, a sunburst finish, a white bi-level pickguard between which the white, nylon wheel thumb knobs that control the tone of each pickup and the overal volume are tucked, two white single coil, hi-fi pickups, and a white muslin covered f-hole. This Micro-frets guitar also has some patented features to ensure precise intonation, proper tuning and enhanced tone and sustain including a fully adjustable "Microsonic" bridge and the exclusive Micro-Nut. We believe that this guitar was purchased at the same time as the Micro-Frets Spacetone, listed here, by their original owner. Conctact us if you are interested in a special deal on both Micro-Frets. Both are very rare and early models. This guitar is in beautiful shape. It plays and sounds superb. Its fast action feels fantastic under your fingers. This guitar includes the original hardshell case. This guitar will certainly be appreciated by both collectors and players. Do not miss your chance to get this beauty!

Micro-Frets Golden Melody Item #: mic0005 SOLD

Micro-Frets-Golden Melody hollow body, 2 pickup, sunburst finish, electric guitar, Micro-Nut

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