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MICRO-FRETS: Spacetone
Circa 1970

Micro-Frets-Spacetone hollow body, 2 pickup, black finish, electric guitar, Micro-Nut, CalibratoThis is a hollow body, symmetrical double cutaway, thin concert size, Micro-Frets Spacetone electric guitar made in Maryland. Based on the instrument's serial number, it was made somewhere between 1969 and 1971. This guitar features a maple body, black finish, white celluloid binding, a raised white pickguard, another white guardplate on which the knobs and switches are mounted, two white single coil, hi-fi pickups, and an f-hole. This Micro-frets guitar also has some patented features to ensure precise intonation, proper tuning and enhanced tone and sustain including a fully adjustable "Microsonic" bridge, a "Calibrato" floating tailpiece, and the exclusive Micro-Nut. This guitar is in beautiful shape especially for an instrument that is approaching 50 years old. It has practically no blemishes and it plays and sounds superb. Its fast action feels fantastic under your fingers. This guitar includes the original hardshell case. This guitar will certainly be appreciated by both collectors and players. Do not miss your chance to get this beauty!Description from

CONDITION:Description from
100% original, this guitar is very clean and in very good condition. It looks as if it is almost mint and the sound is terrific. The finish is almost perfect except for one very small, barely visible indented scratch on the front below the tailpiece and a couple of barely visible indented scratches on the rear. We list these tiny blemishes in the interest of full disclosure but they are so miniscule that they do not even penetrate the black finish. This guitar looks, feels and sounds wonderful.
Description from

TUNERS:Description from
The all original, six, individual, closed back metal tuners with metal, squarish buttons are smooth and in great working order.
Description from

NECK:Description from
It has a straight neck, bolted on with five screws on a metal plate that features the serial number and the manufacturer's logo, a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 22 frets and 24" scale. There is no wear to the neck or frets. The action is fast. The frets and fretboard feels fantastic under your fingers. The headstock, featuring a string tree for the two bass strings, a more unique roller-style string tree for the others and a silkscreened logo on a natural finish, is very clean with no wear. The neck is kept straight with an adjustable truss rod. The neck features Micro-Frets' patented Micro-Nut with individual saddles to adjust each individual string to the desired height, spacing and distance from the nut to the twelfth fret to ensure perfect intonation, particularly when used with their, also patented, Calibrato floating tailpiece. The Calibrato tailpiece is design to keep the guitar in tune and to enable the string to return to perfect pitch when it is used.

PICKUPS:Description from
There are two white single coil, hi-fi, pickups, specially designed for Micro-Frets, that provide a clean, crisp, clear, full tone. The bridge pickup offers an edgier, twangier tone than the neck. With the proper usage of the pickup selection switch and tone knob, the player can achieve a wide range of tones suitable for a myriad of musical styles including but not limited to jazz, soul, rock, blues, funk, country, blue grass, punk, post-punk and hardrock. This guitar has two black knobs with silver metallic tops giving volume and tone control for both pickups. It also has a three-way toggle to choose the neck, bridge or both pickups and another toggle to disable the tone knob. Overall, the pickups work well and sound excellent. All electronics work properly.

DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 42"
    Body width: 14.5"Description from
    Body thickness: 1.75" (2 3/8" with neck)
    Scale: 24"
    Width of the nut: 1.75"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: .75" approximately
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"
Description from

Here's the original description from the 1972 Micro-frets catalog:

  • Symmetrical cutawayDescription from
  • 2 special design Hi-Fi pickupsDescription from
  • Exclusive Micro-Nut (patented)Description from
  • Excusive Calibrato (patented)Description from
  • Thin concert sizeDescription from
  • Made from select Maple/Rosewood fingerboard
  • Life time machine heads
  • Color: Cherry, Sunburst, Martian Sunburst, Black, (Natural and solid colors on special order)Description from
  • White celluloid binding-front and backDescription from
  • Hollow body created by Exclusive patented methods
Description from

Micro-Frets-Spacetone Item #: mic0004 SOLD

Micro-Frets-Spacetone hollow body, 2 pickup, black finish, electric guitar, Micro-Nut, Calibrato