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MicroFrets Calibra 2 pickup cherry/transred semihollow body electric guitar with original caseThis is a Micro-Frets Calibra electric guitar from approximately 1972 or 1973. It's finish is cherry (a stunning translucent red.) It's a "Style 3" era from Micro-frets. It's an incredibly beautiful guitar and the details are sweet; check out the two-tiered pick guard with a transparent top layer and groovy logo!

The guitar's had one owner since 1975. It was kept meticulously clean and is in near mint condition. It has a few nicks and one scratch on the back but otherwise it's spotless. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. This completely original MicroFrets Calibra includes: the original case (with the keys!), printed brochure, and warranty card that came with it (shown in photo.) This guitar is absolutely a collectors item and players will love it too.

Micro-Frets was a small US-based guitar manufacturer from 1967-1974 located in Maryland. The Micro-Frets Calibra's were made from 1969-1974. The founder, Ralph Jones, was an engineer who decided to optimize and innovate the electric guitars of the time. His designs were extremely influential and showed up in many modern guitars. Micro-Frets made approximately 4000 guitars during their entire existence. The factory was run by musicians and guitar technicians so their designs were constantly evolving. They made virtually all their own hardware including innovative bridge and nut systems along with the first wireless-transmitter built directly into a guitar (Orbiter model in 1968.)

Depeche Mode's Martin Gore (Spacetone) and Carl Perkins (Signature) both played Micro-Frets guitars so you can get a sense for their range from those players. You can find more information on the Micro-Frets guitars here and here

Here's the full specifications:
Micro-Frets Calibra
Serial number 30xx (the last two digits removed for security purposes)

* Micro-nut (see description from original literature below)
- "The Micro-Nut can be adjusted to provide for perfect tune when using in conjunction with a proper bridge correcting device, such as the "Calibrato", another patented accessory by the Micro-Frets Corporation. The Micro-Nut will adjust each individual string to the desired height and the string guide adjusts the distance between the strings to be wider or narrow as you prefer."

* Microsonic Bridge with Sustained Harmonic Action and Floating Power - This bridge keeps the strings in true tune at all pitch levels. It eliminates the usual discord and de-tuning which results when older devices are used and which keeps only the one string in tune.

* The pickups are made out of white Plexiglass. They're designed and made by Micro-Frets.

* Two-piece semi-hollow bodies

* Two piece hollow bodies that were routed out of quality hardwoods

* Elliptical neck profiles for a more ergonomic and comfortable feel

* Locking bridge saddles

* 6 way adjustable MICRO-NUT for Precision tuning

* Hollow body totally carved from select hard woods designed for tone generation

* Teflon protected friction points

* Adjustable (special alloy) neck rod with Teflon bearings

The original sale price was $299.

Micro-Frets Calibra Item #: mic-0002 SOLD

MicroFrets Calibra 2 pickup transred semihollow body electric guitar with original case

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