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Circa 1967

Mosrite CE, green, 2pu, double cutaway, hollow body, Mosrite tailpiece, 1966, CaliforniaThis is a rare, Mosrite Celebrity CE II Mark I electric guitar made circa 1967 in the USA at the Bakersfield, California factory. It is a beautiful, double cutaway, thin, fully bound, hollow body instrument. The features include a green finish, two single coil pickups, two bound f-holes, an adjustable metal bridge with individually adjustable saddles, a die cast Mosrite tremolo tailpiece, two metal strap pins, a white pickguard, with a black stripe around the edge and another gaurd plate on which all of the electronics except for the pickups are mounted. This guitar comes with the original hardshell case that has taken on some wear over the years. Mosrite guitars were first established in 1952 after Semi Moseley left Rickenbacker and joined Ray Boatwright. They merged their last names to create the name Mosrite. It is said that Mosrite began making their first Celebrities around late 1965. This guitar is a beautiful find that you do not want to miss. Get your hands on this piece of guitar history. Description from

Mosrite Celebrity CE II Mark I Item #: mosr1006 SOLD

Mosrite CE, green, 2pu, double cutaway, hollow body, Mosrite tailpiece, 1966, California

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