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Mosrite Ventures Mark V, blue, 2pu, double cutaway, solid body, Mosrite tailpiece, 1966, CaliforniaThis is a rare, Mosrite Ventures Mark V electric guitar made in 1966 in the USA at the Bakersfield, California factory. It is a beautiful, offset double cutaway, two single coil pickup, solidbody instrument. The features include a Honduran Mahogany body with a German Carve, a blue finish, an adjustable metal bridge with individually adjustable saddles, a die cast Mosrite tremolo tailpiece, two metal strap pins, and a white pickguard, with a black stripe around the edge, on which all of the electronics except for the pickups are mounted. This guitar comes with the original hardshell case. Mosrite guitars were first established in 1952 after Semi Moseley left Rickenbacker and joined Ray Boatwright. They merged their last names to create the name Mosrite. The full "The Ventures" line, which was created from 1963 through 1967, when the licensing agreement with The Ventures ended, consisted of the Mark I, Mark V, Mark X (bass) and Mark XII (12 string.) There were approximately 1500 of these Mark V's made which makes it very rare. This guitar is a beautiful find that you do not want to miss. Get your hands on this piece of guitar history. Description from

CONDITION:Description from
This guitar is 100% original and in good condition. There is some crazing on the front and back and a ding on the bass side of the tailpiece. One can see about five spots of paint wear along the sides. There is a ding with paint wear on the back of each of the two bouts and two horns of the guitar. A spot of paint wear is also on the front of the treble horn. It appears as if a previous owner tried to cover the wear on the horns and bouts with similar, but not quite matching blue paint. There are some general minor scratches and wear all over the body but it still looks good for an instrument that is fifty years old. This guitar plays fantastic and sounds great. Description from

TUNERS:Description from
The all original, closed back, six in-line, Kluson Deluxe tuners with silver metal buttons are smooth and in great working order. Description from

NECK:Description from
Very thin, straight, rock maple neck attached to the body with four bolts on a metal plate, with 22 of the infamous, very low, Mosrite "speed frets" plus a zero fret on a Rosewood fingerboard and a 24.5" scale. The frets are marked by two small dot inlays per marked fret except for the twelfth fret which has three tiny dots. There is fret wear on the zero fret but that does not effect the tone or playability of the instrument. The headstock, featuring an M shape on the top and silkscreened logos, has some slight wear on the edges. The neck, which is kept straight with a truss rod ,adjustable from the bottom, has about two small spots of wear on the back.
Description from

PICKUPS:Description from
The two single coil pickups are in good working condition. The neck pickup has a clean, clear, round, warm jazzy tone while the bridge has a crispier, treblier, smooth tone. The middle position has a funky tone. This guitar is good for a myriad of styles. It goes from a raspy surf sound to smooth jazz and straight up rock. This Mark V has has silver, "M" stamped, hat-type volume and tone knobs marked with "T" and "V" indicators along with the numbers 1-5 on the base of the knob. Each pickup shares one volume and one tone pot. It also has a three-way toggle to select the neck, bridge or both pickups. All electronics work properly.
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DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 37.5"
    Body width: 13.5"
    Body thickness: 1 5/8" (2" with neck)
    Scale: 24.5"
    Width of the nut: 1 9/16"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: 1 3/8" approximately
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"

Here's the original description from the Mosrite promotional materials (circa 1966):
The Mark V is similar to the Mark I with a few exceptions. Although smaller and lighter, this beautiful instrument maintains the same remarkable features so widely accepted in the original Semi Moseley design. It possesses a true and stay-tuned vibrato, a slender speed neck...lighter slim-fit body...the fuller range of high and lows...they're all there. This model meets the demands of a moderately priced instrument and is guaranteed to excite the most particular in music. A TRULY REMARKABLE INSTRUMENT. Price: $299.95   Case: $48.00Description from

Here's the original description from the Mosrite promotional materials (circa 1966) for The Ventures line but specifically the Mark I guitar:Description from
The MARK I design, as well as the other models, arose from the meticulous demands of the World's foremost instrumental group, THE VENTURES. This guitar is truly a musical masterpiece and boast such newer features as a lighter slim-fit body...a slender speed neck...adjustable hi-fi pickups...a complete fuller range of highs and lows...more drive and patented needle bearing locks and a vibrato...tone and volume control for a audio range...all among other outstanding features. TRY THIS BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENT TODAY AND COMPARE. Price: $398.00   Case: $54.00Description from

THE VENTURES are the world's No. 1 instrumental group. Their recordings sell in the millions. They are perfectionists in every sense of the word and it was inevitable that they demand the finest in guitars. The result was the distinguished THE VENTURES MODELS designed to meet the highest standards by Mosrite of California.
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Mosrite Ventures Mark V, blue, 2pu, double cutaway, solid body, Mosrite tailpiece, 1966, California

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