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MOSRITE: 1988 - V88

Mosrite - 1988-V88 solidbody electric guitar black sparkle finish NOS Moseley tremoloThis is an extremely rare and stunningly beautiful Mosrite 1988 V88 electric guitar. It's a classic Mosrite design reminiscent of the Ventures models. It was made in 1989 in Jonas Ridge North Carolina (or possibly Morgan Town North Carolina) by Semie Moseley. It is a new old stock (NOS); meaning it was built but never sold. The guitar has been in storage for almost twenty years. It was given as collateral for a loan Semie made. We have acquired two of these mint condition NOS guitars. (The other is a M88.) The serial number on the neck is in the mid-30s. It includes the original case and key. Also included is an original 1988 Mosrite catalog. This is truly a Mosrite collectors or players dream guitar! Grab it now before it goes because you will not find another in this condition.

This NOS "Mosrite 1988" V88 solid body, electric guitar is finished in a high-gloss black sparkle finish. There's very faint polishing scratches. It's made of basswood with a white pickguard. It has a side-mounted jack. It has the die cast Moseley tremolo (whammy) tail piece. This V88 has the "M" stamped, hat type volume and tone knobs with the numbers embossed on the base portion. Overall it's in mint working and finish condition. It's 100% original; nothing has been changed or modified from the way Semie intended it.

Tuners are closed Kluson-Deluxe-style. The headstock is autographed (signed) on the front by Semie Moseley with "Semie Moseley 1989". The signature is on the wood below the final clear coat finish.

The bolt-on neck is straight with 23 "speed" frets and is bound on the sides. The action is set very fast. It has an adjustable truss rod and zero fret. The neck is rosewood with dot inlays both on the fretboard and the side binding. It has the original set of strings Semie put on it.Description from

Two Mosrite-made, well insulated, single-coil pickups in a white finish. It has one tone switch that toggles between the neck, bridge, and both pickups. All the electronics are in proper working order. The neck pickup is hot, bright, raspy, and extremely full sounding. The bridge is bright, biting, and very twangy sounding. So surf, punk, and many other forms of rock and country will sound incredible with it!

Mosrite guitars were first established in 1952 by Semie Moseley and Ray Boatwright. The name was created by merging their last names. Semie Moseley founded the company after leaving Rickenbacker. Mosrite had a very tenuous history with the company shutting down and reopening many times through 1994; when if finally closed for good. The name has been licensed since 1994. The company moved to various locations including California, Nevada, Oklahoma, and North Carolina throughout it's history. Semie Moseley died in 1992.

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 40"
    Body width: 14"
    Body thickness: 1 5/8"Description from
    Scale: 25 5/8" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1 5/8"
    String height at 12th fret: 1/8"

Mosrite 1988 V88 Item #: mosr1003 SOLD

Mosrite - 1988-V88 solidbody electric guitar black sparkle finish NOS Moseley tremolo