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Model: BANTAM - E763
circa 1963

Multivox Premier Bantam electric guitar 1pu sunburst circa 1962 This rare hollow body, electric guitar with a sunburst finish is a Multivox Premier Bantam E763, made circa 1963. The guitar is all original except for a replaced tailpiece. We believe the tuners are correct but there is a possibility that they may have been replaced also. This is a later model Bantam with the metal covered pickup (earlier ones were bakelite/plastic.) With its gorgeous tone and feel, this guitar is great for players, but collectors might appreciate it too for its originality, unique pickup, circular mother-of-pearl fret markers, special knobs, interesting tone selection toggle and sparkle details on the knobs and toggle. The small, light-weight body feels great to hold and provides a full hollow body tone. Once you start playing this classic instrument, you will just want to keep strumming and riffing. You can feel and hear the years of maturation in the sound and wood of this guitar. The Bantam E763, called the Shaded special because of its traditional amber finish shaded to deep red/black, features a rosewood fingerboard, nickel silver speed frets and a fully adjustable bridge.Description from
Multivox guitars were produced by Peter Sorkin Music Company. They were a New York City based business who produced amplifiers, guitars,and basses from 1938-1975 and again in the 1990s. The Bantam line was produced from the 1950s-1960s.Description from

Multivox Premier Bantam Item #: mp2004 SOLD

Multivox Premier Bantam electric guitar 1pu sunburst circa 1962