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circa 1961

Multivox Premier Solid Body model E730 two pickup, electric guitar. Made in New York, NY circa 1961. The finish is a black front with the natural rosewood (or possibly mahogany) finish on the back and sides. Serial number 36xx. Multivox Premier Solid Body model E730 "Custom" (as it was called in the later 1960s) two pickup, electric guitar with a scroll on the upper bout. Made in New York, NY circa 1961. The finish is a painted black front with the natural mahogany on the back and sides. All gold plated hardware. Three dimensional Premier logo on headstock. Electronics rebuilt in 2008. Original hard shell case with "Nick Fabian's" name painted on.Description from

Multivox guitars were produced by Peter Sorkin Music Company. They were a New York City based business who produced amplifiers, guitars,and basses from 1938-1975 and again in the 1990s. The Solid Body "Custom" line was introduced in 1959 and ran through the early 1970s. Based on the serial number the guitar appears to be made between 1960 and 1963. There is a number on the removed pots but it's difficult to make out. My best guess is they are Clarostat pots (Made In USA) from 1957.Description from

This Premier Solid Body "Custom" in very good condition. The paint on the front of body shows minor wear but the back and neck are very clean. The top of the body, neck, and headstock are all fully bound with ivoroid binding. There are tiny pieces of binding missing but nothing significant.

It has all gold hardware including: the tailpiece, thumbscrews on the bridge, knob, pickup covers, and tuners. Some of the gold plating has flaked off the pickup covers. Dual metal-flake sparkle pickguards on the front with one tinted gold and the other silver. The ceramic knobs are also sparkle-topped. The guitar is 100% except the electronics were rebuilt. The pickups were rebuilt and the pots replaced. The original hard shell case with "Nick Fabian" painted on is in very good condition but does have some wear. It still has the original airline travel tag out of Washington National. Was that the last tour? Where is Nick Fabian now? Who knows, but his incredible guitar lives on in memory of his amazing taste in instruments.

Very good quality, open-back, gold-plated tuners, in proper working order. The "D" tuner is bent slightly but works fine. The Premier logo on the headstock is fantastic! It is a raised three-dimensional Premier logo and crest encased in plastic resin with a small scratch. The headstock is fully bound but does have very minor chips missing on the corners. Description from

Bolt-on using four bolts, ivoroid binding with a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets. The first two frets have some minor wear but play fine. The nut was reset to ensure the guitar properly intonate.The entire neck is made of one solid piece of Brazilian Rosewood! It has mother of pearl dot inlays for fret markers. The action is fast. The neck is straight.

Two strong, single coil, adjustable pickups. These pickups were specially designed for this model in 1959 to be supersensitive and have a broader dynamic range. When the pickups were rewound Ken Armstrong remarked how unique their design was. He add never seen pickups like them before.

There's one three-position rotating switch to select the neck or bridge pickup (also referred to as Rhythm-Solo selector) and one volume control for each pickup. Overall, the pickups are in excellent working order as are the tone and volume controls. The bridge pickup has a somewhat bright twang which will work well for country, or jazz. The neck pickup is smooth and somewhat bright. Together they have a real raw growling tone.

The electronics were completely rebuilt to put the guitar in proper working oder. The work entailed: rewinding the pickups, replacing the pots for the volume controls, replacing the jack, and rewiring it all. The original parts were retained and are in the case pocket.

    Overall length: 37 3/8"
    Body width: 13"Description from
    Body thickness: 1 9/16" (with neck 2")
    Scale: 24 3/4"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1 11/16" (depth 15/16")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16" (approximately)

Premier Solid Body

Here they are! The newest professional electric guitars bringing more new features and more reasons for playing Premier than ever before.

Extra slender, fast action neck of complete new construction design. Beautiful rosewood fingerboard handsomely inlaid with polished metal and bound with ivoroid.

Pick-ups have been especially designed for these new instruments, with supersitvity and extended frequency range. Exclusive circuitry incorporates individual controls, master volume and instantaneous Rhythm-Solo switches. Description from

Available in choice of rich finishes as indicated with deluxe Premier trimmings and exclusive Premier Hi-Mag strings.Description from

Lustrious jet black finish contrasting perfectly with white binding and polished chrome metal parts.Description from
E730--With two pickups $189.50

Multivox Premier Solid Body "Custom" Item #: mp2004 SOLD

Multivox Premier Solid Body model E730 two pickup, electric guitar. Made in New York, NY circa 1961. The finish is a black front with the natural rosewood (or possibly mahogany) finish on the back and sides. Serial number 36xx.

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