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National Glenwood Val Pro99- electric guitar 3 pickups, made in Chicago 1962 This is a 1962 National (Valco) Glenwood 99 (Val-Pro) res-o-glas, map guitar. It's the top of the line from 1962. The body is made of fiberglass and is a semihollow, double-cutaway (Maine & Florida are now cutaways!), and the color is white (which has faded to a cream color). The guitar was made by National a division of Valco in Chicago. The three pickups (neck, bridge, & piezo) sound incredible. They range from smooth to gritty and will work for any style of music. The tones this guitar generates cannot be expressed in writing; they have to be heard/played to be appreciated. The tone switch allows the use of each pickup individually but not all together. The tone controls vary the sound dramatically; from really muted and smooth to biting and there's a middle setting that splits the difference but is truly unique.Description from

The guitar is completely original. The Art Deco/50's Modernism details on this guitar are stunning. The mother of pearl inlays on the neck will blow you away. Check out the detail image below of the inlay just below the nut. It has a rosewood fretboard. The tuners are extremely advanced for 1962 and are made by Grover; they work very well. The serial number is T89xxx. The neck is straight. All the electronics work properly and the action is set fast. Honestly, the guitar is in excellent condition (9 out of 10) but it is 40 years old and has some nicks and wear. There's some crazing on the headstock, very minor cracks around the input jack, someone touched up the neck with white paint just above the nut (see photos), the printed pattern on the pickups has worn off a bit from playing, and the binding on the neck has yellowed with some minor cracking. We state all this for full disclosure but the guitar is so beautiful you'll never notice the minor wear.

This National Glenwood 99 guitar is an investment grade, collectable electric guitar which will also delight players because the sound is phenomenal! It comes with the original case which is in solid but worn condition (see photos below).

Here's the original description from the 1962 National catalog:

Created for the discriminating artist who demands performance and quality superiority. Superb true sound reproduction that will phase the most critical ear. The sustain and responsiveness are extraordinary. This guitar faithfully produces all of the guitar range.
Description from

There are three (3) exclusive and different unit constructions employed--two custom wide-range VISTA-POWER units (one bass and one treble) and the third a unique SILVER-SOUND bridge unit that produces a concise life-like electronic voicing of the natural acoustic string sound.

Satin-smooth construction is the new Polyester wonder material RES-O-GLAS. Exquisite snow-white finish is weather immune and extremely water resistant. Smartly styled contours insure a new experience in comfort and convenience while playing. Description from

Exclusive VAL-TROL control system provides a separate volume and tone for each of the three units. You can preset the exact response desired for each position of the instant 3-way switch.

Features: Elaborate pearl inlay * Bound rosewood fingerboard * Professional ROTO-MATIC keys * PRO-SMOOTH strings * Chrome hardware * Fully adjustable units * Precision adjustable action * Exclusive PRO-TRUE rapier thin neck * Engraved acrylic pickguard * Gloss black trim * Body 15" wide x 18" long x 1 3/4" deep * 24 5/8" scale * 20 frets with extra at bone nut for feather action * Leather neck strap * 10' single plug cord * 715-90 Flush Case

National Glenwood Val Pro99 Item #: n1001 SOLD

National Glenwood Val Pro99- electric guitar 3 pickups, made in Chicago 1962
case for National Glenwood Val Pro99- electric guitar 3 pickups, made in Chicago 1962

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