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circa 1965 - HARMONY

Silvertone -Harmony-made - 1478 solid body electric guitar with whammy bar circa 1965 This is an incredibly clean, circa 1965, solid body, Silvertone made by Harmony of Chicago. The guitar is a Fender Jaguar knock-off with two hot DeArmond pick ups, mother-of-pearl inlays on neck, and whammy bar. The finish is a red burst and is extremely clean with only a few minor scratches and nicks. All the electronics work properly and the neck is straight. It is completely original and includes the original case. This guitar will be loved by both players and collectors. It will be very hard to find another one in this amazingly great condition.

Here's the original description from the 1966 Sears catalog:

Extra Thin
Solid-body Electric Guitars

Dual steel reinforcing-rods in neck keep fingerboard true and responsive...set strings low as you like to speed up those fast or difficult rock 'n roll chords.

Our easiest-to-play solid-body guitars, Slimmest possible neck makes every chord easier to reach. Strings only 1/16 in. above fingerboard. Vibrato tailpiece adds Hawaiian-guitar effects. Each pickup has tone and volume controls. Adjustable bridge, Rosewood fingerboard with celluloid binding; inlaid position markers. About 2 x 13 x 39 inches long. Body protected with hard maple veneer finish.

Dual pickup...three pickup combinations. Hand-rubbed finish; red sunburst top. model 1478L

Silvertone Harmony #1478 Item #: h3023 SOLD

Silvertone -Harmony-made - 1478 solid body electric guitar with whammy bar circa 1965