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circa 1965

Silvertone-Harmony 1454 electric guitar 3 pickups, Bigsby tail piece chicago 1965 This is a Silvertone 1454, redburst, thinline, semihollow body, single-cutaway, triple pick-up electric guitar made by Harmony of Chicago circa 1965 . The pickups are DeArmonds (Rowe). The guitar is completely original. This is a players condition guitar but still very clean. (You can hear this guitar played on Bob Dylan's recent album "Modern Times"; check out the inner sleeve of the cd cover for a photo of it in the guitarist hands.) NOTE: The color of this guitar is appearing more orange in some web browsers, but it's actually a red burst like the other 1454s. The detail photo near the jack shows the color accurately.Description from

It has a Bigsby vibrato. The body is maple. The details are beautiful; check out the rosewood (Brazilian, presumably) supports for the pickups or the tortoise shell pick guard and plate for the pickup switches! It's got the usual wear for a guitar this age: some scratches/nicks along with playing wear and paint chips but overall it's very clean. The finish on the front of the body has faded slightly. The rear strap pin was moved slightly and another hole was drilled for it.

The neck is straight. It has mother of pearl inlays in the fretboard. There is some playing wear on the back of the neck and a paint chip towards the headstock (see photos). The action is set medium-fast. The tuners are in proper working condition. The tuners were changed at one point but an original set is now back on. Holes were drilled for the previous tuners (see photo).
Description from

All the electronics work properly. The pickups are very strong single coils. It has a great tonal range between the three pickups and all the possible combinations. Each pickup has it's own on/off switch so there a nice range of sounds: rock, country, punk, jazz, etc. It comes with a good quality gig bag and will be packed extremely well.
Description from

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 42"
    Body width: 16"Description from
    Body thickness: 2" with neck 2 9/16"
    Scale: 24 1/4"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1 3/4" (depth 1")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16" (approximately)

Here's the original description from the 1965 Sears catalog:

Professional quality hollow-body
Resonant arched tops and tone-chamber bodies
build and brighten the sound of every note..Description from
Bigsby tailpiece adds perfectly true vibrato

Our finest dual and triple-pickup guitars! Both have laminated-maple tops and backs. Their extra-slim necks speed your fingering. Ovalled fingerboards and low-set strings make even hard chords easy. Each pickup has its own tone and volume controls. Adjustable bridge. Adjustable steel reinforcing rod in neck. Chrome-plated tuning keys. Inlaid position markers. About 41x16x2 inches. Advanced techniques book.

$189.95Description from
with triple pickup
Hand-rubbed, cherry red finish. With rayon plush-lined case. Tortoise-shell-type guard plate. 3 selector switches give 7 different pickup combinations.
57 H 1454L--Shpg. wt. 15 lbs. $9min.

Silvertone-Harmony 1454 Item #: H-3040 SOLD

Silvertone-Harmony 1454 electric guitar 3 pickups, Bigsby tail piece chicago 1965

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