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Silvertone - Harmony-made solid body, 2 pickup electric guitar in sunburst with red prickups for Christmas 1967, made in Chicago IL USAThis is an extremely cool and rare, Silvertone 1480 solid body, two, red pickups, electric guitar with a red sunburst finish (the guitar is slightly more red than shown in photos). It seems to be a very limited edition model with the red covered pickups and knobs. It's got a great range of sounds from the DeArmond pickups. It will go from a surf/country twang to heavy rock and maybe even a bit of jazz if you turn down the tone controls. It's model after the Jaguars. It was made on December 14, 1967 just in time for Christmas. Is this the one you wanted but never got back then? It includes a very good condition original, two-tone grey hard shell case.Description from

Very clean, 8 out of 10, finish has some paint wear on edge of body along with some minor dings along with general wear. Pick guard is in good shape with no chips. But it does have two extra holes drilled. The back of the body has some buckle rash. The wear along the edge of the body has been touched up a bit over the years. 100% original except two screws were replaced in the bridge.

6-inline, open-back tuners. All original, in good working order. The high E and G tuners are bent but they work fine.

Bolt-on, straight, fully bound, beautiful mother of pearl block inlays on the rosewood fretboard, 20 frets, and 24.25" scale. Dot markers on side of neck. Frets are in good condition with lots of life left in them. The back of the neck has a few very minor dings but nothing that affects playing. Headstock is in good shape. Adjustable truss rod.

Two DeArmonds that give a great surf or heavy rock sound but could work for a variety of styles
Neck pickup is bright, rich, and loud. Bridge pickup is very twangy and loud. One volume control and tone control for each pickup. Overall pickups work are very strong and sound excellent. The toggle switch will sometimes jumps back to the middle position from the neck but it works fine otherwise. The volume control on the neck pickup will turn past the stop point but works fine.

Vibrato in good working order. Includes original case which is in very good condition.

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 39 1/5"
    Body width: 13 1/4"Description from
    Body thickness: 1 3/8" with neck 2"
    Scale: 24 1/4"" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1 3/4" (depth 7/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"


Double pickup . . three pickup combinations. Choice of red sunburst or metallic blue color. In remaining details same as 57 G 14881L at left.
Order case below. Shipping wt. 10 lbs. $5 mo.
57 G 14781L-Red sunburst $89.95
Case for 57G14881L. 4 x 14 x 41 inches long. Vinyl on chipboard, lined.
57 G 740L--Wt. 6lbs......$12.95Description from

Solid-body Electric Guitars .. super-thin style, choice of many professionals
Triple pickup .. seven pickup combinations. Super-slim neck with rosewood fingerboard, inlaid position markers. Vibrato tailpiece, 6-way adjustable bridge. Separate tone and volume controls each pickup. Solid cherry red finish. Pick, 10-foot cord and instructions included.
2 x 13 x 39 inches long
Description from
Order case (57 G 740L)
Shipping weight 9 pounds.
57G14881L-$5.50 mo. Cash $119.95

Silvertone 1488 Item #: H-3038 SOLD

Silvertone - Harmony-made solid body, 2 pickup electric guitar in sunburst with red prickups for Christmas 1967, made in Chicago IL USA

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