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TEISCO - 1969

Silvertone 1490 bass - solid body, 2pickups, sunburst, made in Japan by Teisco for Silvertone-Sears in 1969This is a 1969 Silvertone bass guitar made by Teisco of Japan. It's a sunburst, solid body with two single coil pickups. It's all original including the hard shell case except the thumb rest has been replaced (thumb rest not shown in photos). This is more of a players bass guitar than collectors but a collector might appreciate it also. It comes with the original hard shell case (see photo below.) The hard shell case is worn but protects the bass guitar well.Description from

Very clean, 8.5 out of 10. 100% original except thumb rest has been replaced with a modern Fender replacement. The finish is pretty clean throughout with only minor dings and scratches.

All original, in good working order.

Bolt-on, reasonably straight (fine playing condition), fully bound, dot inlays on rosewood fretboard, 20 frets. Frets are in good condition with lots of life left in them.

Two single-coil pickups with a very full sound but pretty subtle differences between them
Individual volume controls for each pickup and one tone controls for both pickups.

    Overall length: 43"
    Body width: 14"
Description from
    Body thickness: 1 1/2"
    Depth of the neck at nut: 1" approximately
    Scale: 30" aproximately
    Width of the nut: 1 15/16"
    Width of the neck at body: 2 1/4"

Here's the original description from the 1969 Sears catalog:

Bass Guitar.
Description from
Double cutaway body. 20 frets. Large, individual heads for easier tuning. 2 adjustable pickups (3 combinations). High polished flame sunburst color. Two pickup selector rocker tabs. Adjustable bridge, damper.
1 1/2 x 14 x 43 1/2inc. Vinyl on lined chipboard case.
57 G 1490L--Shipping wt. 15 lbs. $5 monthly ... $77.95

Silvertone bass model #1490 Item #: t4018 SOLD

Silvertone 1490 bass - solid body, 2pickups, sunburst, made in Japan by Teisco for Silvertone-Sears in 1969

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