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Silvertone 1457 Danelectro Amp In Case, redburst 2 pickups, double cutaway 1966 This is a double cutaway Silvertone made by Danelectro of Neptune, NJ in February of 1966 making this guitar one of the last ones of this model built. The guitar features two single coil lipstick tube style pickups, a solid-center Masonite over pine body, a white Masonite pickguard surronding the neck pickup and extending down from the treble horn to the lower treble bout, on which the controls and input jack are mounted, a four-way adjustable chromed brass bridge with a Brazilian rosewood saddle, white tolex binding, two aluminum strap pins and a redburst finish with sparkling silver colored accents. This guitar is 100% original and in good condition. With its fantastic fast action and terrific tone, this guitar plays like a dream. This is the higher-end, two pickup, model of the amp-in-case line but this guitar does not include the amp-in-case. This guitar is great for players. Get this guitar while you can.Description from

This guitar is original except for the period correct replaced knobs and it is in good condition. The finish is still clean. There are about three minor scratches to the paint on the front and fewer scratches on the back surface. The headstock has minor wear around the edges. There is also some minor wear on the back of the neck. This is quite a beauty for an approximately fifty year old guitar.

The tuners, 6 inline closed-back with plastic metal skate key tips, are in very good working condition. All of the tuners are smooth and hold the pitch well.
Description from

The neck is in good shape. It's a straight, bolted-on, poplar neck with circular plastic inlays on a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, an aluminum nut, 21 frets, and a 25" scale. There is some paint and playing wear on the back of the neck. This does not affect the playability or tone of the instrument. The "in-line scoop" headstock, featuring a horizontal silkscreened Silvertone logo, has some wear along the edges. The neck is kept straight with dual steel reinforcement rods. With its fast action, the neck feels fantastic under your fingers.

The two lipstick tube style single coils are very clean, crisp and potent. The neck pickup has a smooth bright tone. The bridge pickup has a bright, twangy edge. One can coax a very wide variety of sounds from this guitar using the right tone settings and pickup selection. This guitar has dual, white plastic, stacked concentric controls: volume and tone for each pickup. The toggle switch allows you to select the neck, bridge or both pickups. The pots and toggle are clean sounding and in fine working order.

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 38"Description from
    Body width: 13"
    Body thickness: 1 5/8" with neck 2"Description from
    Scale: 25" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1.75" (depth .75")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"Description from

Here's the original description from the 1964 Sears catalog:

"All-in-1 Guitar Outfit"Description from
The Guitar...long 21-fret fingerboard of Brazilian rosewood. Dual pickups let you switch from full deep tones to sharp, treble tones. 2 volume, 2 tone controls. Solid-center body. Sunburst red finish, sparkling silver color accents.
Description from
Case and amplifier....3 tubes plus rectifier; volume, tone controls; tremolo strength and speed controls. On-off foot switch (not included: missing) for remote tremolo. Big 8 inch speaker. Vinyl-covered hardboard, with red rayon lining, sparkling trim. About 39 x 14 x 3 inches. model 1457L weight approximately 27 pounds
Description from

Silvertone Danelectro #1457 Item #: d2078 $749

Silvertone 1457 Danelectro Amp In Case, redburst, 2 pickups, double cutaway 1966

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