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made in 1967 - HARMONY

Silvertone -Harmony-made - 1479 solid body electric guitar with 1750 whammy bar, double cutaway 2 pu, redburst circa 1967 This is a solid body, double cutaway, double pickup, redburst Silvertone made by Harmony of Chicago on January 19, 1967. The guitar's body shape is similar to that of a Fender Jaguar. This guitar features two red DeArmond pickups, a white pickguard on which all of the electronics are mounted, an adjustable metal, roller-style bridge, two white plastic strap pins, and a 1750 style tremolo tailpiece. This 1479 is very clean and 100% original. It looks almost as if it was never used. With its great fast action and terrific tone, this guitar plays like a dream. It includes an original hardshell case. The Christmas gift that you've been waiting since 1967 has finally arrived. Get this instrument while you can.Description from

Silvertone Harmony #1479 Item #: h3075 SOLD

Silvertone -Harmony-made - 1479 solid body electric guitar with 1750 whammy bar double cutaway, redburst, 2 red pickups made 1967

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