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circa 1953

Silvertone lap steel - danelectro - 1 pickup, natural cherry finish hardwood solid body electric lap steel guitar made in Neptune, NJ USA 1953 This is a Silvertone lap steel/slide guitar made by Danelectro in New Jersey in 1953. It features a solid, hardwood body, a natural finish, a single coil pickup built into a white plastic plate on which two white knobs are located for volume and tone control, a fixed, nickel plated bridge/tailpiece, a neck-through type of design, a cherry wood fret board, a metal nut, a built-in lead and an original case. This lap steel is very clean and in great shape. Get this classic and acquire the beautiful, haunting sound of the lap steel.Description from

This lap steel is very clean, 100% original and in good condition. There is wear on the edges of the body top and a few spots of wear on the top, the back and on the bass side. There is also wear on the top edges of the headstock.

The tuners, opened-back, 2x3 inline machine-heads with black, plastic buttons are in good working condition. They are smooth and hold the tuning and intonation well.
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It has a neck through, one piece design with a, cherry wood fretboard, a metal nut, a 23.25" scale, white, plastic, circular position markings and twenty-seven frets. Although they are actual frets, it is a slide guitar and the pitch is made by the steel's (or slide's) contact with the string and not the fret's contact with the string rendering frets unnecessary. The headstock, featuring a silkscreened, "Silvertone" logo, has some minor wear on the top edges. The string are high above the fretboard for easy sliding.
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The one, single coil, pickup, which is built into the plate on which the controls are mounted, sounds very clean, smooth and full. On either side of it, are two white, plastic knobs, one for tone and one for volume. The volume pot gets really noisy when it is not completely off or fully on.
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The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 32"
    Body width: 7"Description from
    Body thickness: 1 3/8" with neck 1.75"
    Scale: 23.25"Description from
    Width of the nut: 2" (depth: 1 1/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 3/16" (approximately)

Here's the original description from the 1953 Sears catalog:

Largest selection we've ever offered!
NEW! Lowest priced Hawaiian electric guitar we've ever offered!
Solid hardwood body with cherry finish. 32 inches long, 7 inches wide. Built-in pickup with tone and volume control. Cherry wood fingerboard. Nickel-plated bridge. Includes picks, steel, 8-foot cord, instruction booklet.
Terms: $2.50 Down, $5.00 a Month.
57 D01304-Shipping weight 8 lbs.....Only $22.50
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Silvertone Lap Steel Item#: d2060 $1349
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Silvertone lap steel - danelectro - 1 pickup, natural cherry finish hardwood solid body electric lap steel guitar made in Neptune, NJ USA 1953

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