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Harmony Model: H42
circa 1956

Silvertone-Harmony - model H42-Newport Metallic Green solid body electric guitar This is an extremely rare, Silvertone, Newport, solid body, electric guitar made by Harmony of Chicago (Harmony model H42) from approximately 1956. It's fully functional. The neck is straight and thick. All the electronics work properly. It's 100% original. The original rubber bumper binding is all there and in excellent shape. The guitar has stacked volume and tone controls along with a tone-defeat switch. The sound is rich. This is a small scale guitar. When you play this guitar you'll feel like you're there with Les Paul inventing the first sold body "slab" guitar. It comes with a gig bag. Both players and collectors will appreciate this guitar.

This is a solid body guitar made of three pieces of wood. It is a neck-thru; so the neck extends all the way to the base of the body. The body uses Harmony's Harmometal trim which is aluminum with a rubber "bumper." The guitar has been played throughout it's life. So there's lots of wear. But it plays great! It was definitely a working instrument. The body is painted in a Metallic Green which has faded to a more gold-green tone. The original color can be seen underneath the pickguard. The body has lots of scratches, wear and a bit of crazing, as shown in the photos. There's two things to note: one side has shrunken just slightly so there's a very small space between it and the main body block at the very bottom of the guitar. But the binding and pickguard hold it in place fine. There's no actually movement of the wood. It's attached solidly to the main piece. It's negligable but needs to be mentioned. Second, there's a semi-circular crack in the pickguard just above the tone/volume controls. It's hard to see but both are shown in the detail photo.

Tuners, in good working order. Nice black knobs. All original. The headstock has a nice painted Silvertone art-deco-style logo.

Neck-thru, straight, 19 frets in good shape with only minor wear on the first few, action is set fast. There are quite beautiful mother of pearl circular inlays on rosewood fretboard. The back of the neck has playing wear.
- 25" scale - overall guitar size: 36" x 11" x 1.5" thick

One single-coil pickup possibly an early DeArmond. One tone switch to go between bright and muted. Nice stacked bakelite knobs in black and white. All original pots and wiring. All the electronics are in proper working order.

Here's the original description from the 1956 Harmony catalog:

"Stratotone Newport"
Cutaway Model with HARMOMETAL TRIM
More colorful -- lighter to handle (thinner, too) -- That's the story of Harmony's newest -- The "Newport". Have bright, chrome-like Harmometal wide edge bindings, with resilient black fluted plastic insert for smartness and protection. Steel-rod reinforced neck for strength. Ovalled fingerboard. Responsive built-in pickup. "Stack-mounted" tone and volume controls. Slide switch permits quick change for bass or treble emphasis.
H42/2 Guitar, Metallic Green ...... $69.95

Silvertone Newport model #H42 Item #: h3033 SOLD

Silvertone-Harmony - model H42-Newport Metallic Green solid body electric guitar

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