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Harmony Model: H41
circa 1954

Silvertone-Harmony - model H41-Newport Sunshine Yellow solid body electric guitar This is an extremely rare, Silvertone, Newport, solid body, electric guitar Harmony model H41 from approximately 1954. It's fully functional. The neck is straight and thick. All the electronics work properly. It's 100% original and includes the original tassel (not shown). The original rubber bumper binding is all there and in excellent shape. The guitar has volume, tone, and a tone-defeat switch. The sound is rich and full both with the tone all the way and and down. It's a really sweet sounding little axe! This is a small scale guitar. It comes with a gig bag. Both players and collectors will appreciate this guitar.

Here's the original description from the 1955 Harmony catalog:

"Stratotone Newport"
Cutaway Model with HARMOMETAL TRIM
More colorful -- lighter to handle (thinner, too) -- That's the story of Harmony's newest -- The "Newport". Have bright, chrome-like Harmometal wide edge bindings, with resilent black fluted plastic insert for strength. Ovalled fingerboard. Responsive built-in pickup. "Stack-mounted" tone and volume controls. slide switch permits change for bass or treble emphasis.
H41/1 Guitar, Sunshine Yellow ...... $69.95A

Silvertone Newport model #H41 Item #: h3016 SOLD

Silvertone-Harmony - model H41-Newport Sunshine Yellow solid body electric guitar

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