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Beatles Style - Greco
circa 1966

Silvertone bass - Beatles violin shaped, 2 pickups, sunburst finish, made in Japan circa 1966This is a Silvertone bass made in Japan circa 1966. We beleive it was manufactured by Greco, but it could have been made by Teisco. It is a copy of the Hofner violin shaped bass made popular by Paul McCartney of the Beatles in the 1960's. This silvertone is a very close replica to the original Hofner, maybe the closest we have seen and it is very rare. It is a fully bound, hollow body guitar featuring a sunburst finish, a white raised pickguard with a wooden finger rest, two pickups with black plastic surrounds, a white plastic plate on which the controls are mounted, a two way adjustable, rosewood and metal bridge, a trapeze style tailpiece and two metal stap pins. This silvertone bass is very lightweight which is great for carrying and gigging. It also has a great tone and plays wonderfully. It comes with an original case which has some wear. Get this rare classic while you can.

CONDITION:Description from
This bass guitar is in good condition. The pickguard is a period correct replacement from another Greco bass. The body is very clean except for a few lines of crazing on front and back and one small line on the bottom near the front binding. There is also a small spot or two of wear on the sides. If you look closely, you can see about four or five tiny barely visible dings under the strings between the pickups. There is also some wear around the edges of the headstock.
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TUNERS:Description from
The all original, closed back, individual, tuners with silver, metal, arrow tail shaped buttons are smooth and in great working order.
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NECK:Description from
It has a straight, bound, bolt-on neck with four screws on a metal plate, circular inlays on a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, and a 30.25" scale. There is some very minor playing wear on the first three frets. In addition, there are about three small spots of wear at the top of the back of the neck and a small finish crack at the bottom of the neck near the body. This wear does not affect the tone or playability of the instrument. The action is fast. The frets and fretboard feel fantastic under your fingers. The headstock, featuring a raised, metallic Silvertone logo, has a little wear on the top edges and on the bottom sides. The neck is kept straight with an adjustable truss rod under a triangular white plastic plate.
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PICKUPS:Description from
There are two pickups with individual pole pieces in black plastic surrounds. The neck pickup is strong, rich, clean and warm. The bridge pickup is brighter, potent and twangy with a bit of smooth bite. Overall, the pickups work well and sound excellent. This guitar is capable of producing a wide variety of tones suitable for many styles including, rock, jazz, funk, soul, country and blues. There are three on/off style switches. Two switches turn the neck and bridge pickups on and off respectively and the third switch is an instantaneous tone switch that acts as a bass boost or treble boost depending on the position. It is, basically, a rhythm/lead switch. You can turn both pickups off, or you can turn on just the bridge pickup for more bassy tones, suitable for reggae for example. You can also turn on the bridge pickup only, to provide more of a Rickenbacker, treblier sound. In addition, you can turn on both pickups and adjust the volume of each to give you some variations between the previous two choices. You can have a bassy sound with neck pickup and add a bit of punch by dialing in some of the bridge pickup and then manipulate the tone switch for more precise variation. All electronics work properly.
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DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 43"
    Body width: 11"Description from
    Body thickness: 2" (2.5" with neck)
    Scale: 30.25."
    Width of the nut: 1 5/8"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: 1" approximately
    String height at 12th fret: 1/8"
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Silvertone Beatles Bass Item #: t4021 $749

Silvertone bass - Beatles violin shaped, 2 pickups, sunburst finish, made in Japan circa 1966

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