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Circa 1961

Stiles - solid body electric guitar, double cutaway, white finish,  2 pu, circa 1967 This is a Stiles guitar designed by Gilbert Lee Stiles in Florida in 1961. This guitar features a double cutaway, strat-style solid body, a white finish, a black plastic pickguard on which all of the electronics except for the input jack are mounted, two single coil pickups, two metal strap pins and a fixed, fully adjustable metal bridge. This Stiles is in good condition for a guitar that is about 54 years old and it is 100% original. Cosmetically, it has taken on a little wear over the years but with its great fast action and terrific tone, this guitar plays and sounds like a dream. With such details as its special headstock shape and decorative fretboard inlays, this beauty has a unique yet classic look that will impress your bandmates. After a lifetime of working with wood and lumber, Stiles made his first guitar in 1960. Throughout much of his earlier luthier career he made all of the parts from scratch. He wound his own DeArmond influenced pickups, and created his own tailpiece units and the like. Later, he used hardware parts made by other manufacturers as they became more readily availability. It is estimated that he made about 1000 soid body guitars. Eventually, he began making flat-top acoustics, carved archtops, harp guitars, doubleneck pedal steels, electric basses, banjos and mandolins. In his later years, during the 90's, Stiles focused more on repairs and educating future luthiers. This guitar includes an original hardshell case. Get this instrument while you can.Description from

This guitar is 100% original and it is in good condition. There is some finish wear around the sides and edges of the guitar. A few (about 5 ot 6) small spots of wear can be seen on the front and a few more is visible on the back. Also, looking at the guitar closely, one can see tiny, almost invisible crazing on the finish. Even with this wear, this guitar plays wonderfully, looks great and sounds fantastic!

The closed-back, individual Kluson Deluxe tuners with metal buttons are in very good working condition. They are smooth and hold the pitch well.
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It has a straight, bolted-on, neck featuring a walnut fretboard with maple inlays as fret markers and highlight strips, 22 frets, and a 25.25" scale. There is a very small amount of finish wear on the back of the neck and a minor spot of fret wear on the first fret. This wear certainly does not affect the playability or tone of the instrument. The headstock, featuring a sunken Stiles logo along the curve, has some wear on the sides and around the edges. With its fast action, the neck feels fanstastic under your fingers.

There are two single coil pickups. The neck pickup has a clean, clear, potent, crisp smooth sound. The bridge pickup is similar but with the twang of a bridge pickup. There are two knobs, a volume and a tone for both pickups, and a three way selection switch to choose the neck, bridge or both pickups. Using the tone knob and selection switch, one can coax an endless possibility of tones to play a myriad of musical styles. The pots and toggle sound clean and work great.
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The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 39"Description from
    Body width: 12.5"
    Body thickness: 1 7/8" with neck 2.25"Description from
    Scale: 25.25" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1.5" (depth .75")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"Description from

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Stiles - solid body electric guitar, double cutaway, white finish,  2 pu, circa 1967