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Teisco: Del Rey EP 10T
Circa 1967

Teisco Del Rey EP-10T hollow body electric guitar 2 pickup, greenburst, double cutaway, made in Japan 1963 This is a Teisco Del Rey EP 10T guitar made in Japan circa 1967. It is a hollowbody, double-cutaway, instrument with a greenburst finish, two adjustable single coil pickups, two f-holes, a raised black pickguard with an ornate decorative inlay, white binding, a rosewood fingerboard, an adjustable, friction free, roller-style bridge to eliminate vibrato friction on the strings and a heavy duty chromed tremolo tailpiece. It features a deluxe, extra large but thin body for optimum sound resonance. This guitar is 100% original and in good condition. The tones are amazing and with its medium-fast action, it feels great to play. This is a beautifully designed guitar that has stayed well preserved for its approximately 50 years of existence. Get this groovy greenburst before it's gone.

This guitar is 100% original. It is very clean and in good condition. There are about three lines of crazing on the front, one on the back and a few on the side. There are also a few very light, barely noticeable scratches to the finish on the back that are too shallow to see right away. Additionally, the binding on the bottom has separated from the wood a very little bit but that does not effect the playability, solidity or tone. We state all this for full disclosure but these blemishes are really difficult to notice. For an appoximately fifty year old guitar, it looks great. With its unique greenburst finish, this guitar is really cool, plays beautifully and sounds superb!
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The six individual opened-back, chromed machine-heads with metal buttons and white plastic around the base of each peg, are in good working condition. They are smooth and stay in tune.

It has a straight, bolt-on neck with circular inlays on a rosewood fretboard, 23 frets including a zero fret, and a 24.5" scale. The neck is very clean. The headstock, featuring a raised metal Teisco Del Ray crown logo, is very clean as well with just two very small blemishes. There is minor fret wear on the first two frets but that does not effect the playabilty or tone. The action is medium-fast. The steel reinforced neck and the frets feel fantastic under your fingers. Description from

The two adjustable single coil pickups with chromed surrounds are very clean. The neck pickup is bassy, warm and smooth, great for jazz, blues, rock and soul. The bridge pickup is brighter and twangier, perfect for country, rock, folk, punk and bluegrass. Both pickups in combination provide an endless variety of tones good for any style. There are three knobs: a volume pot for each pickup and a tone pot for both. There is also a three-way switch for rhythm, solo and bass selections. All of the electronics work great; however, the pickups are never really off. They are just very quiet when turned down all the way.

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 45"Description from
    Body width: 17.5"
    Body thickness: 1.25" with neck 1.25"Description from
    Scale: 24.5" approx.Description from
    Width of the nut: 1.75" (depth .75")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/8"

Teisco Del Rey EP 10T Item #: teis2003 $829

Teisco Del Rey EP-10T hollow body electric guitar 2 pickup, greenburst, double cutaway, made in Japan 1963

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