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Yamaha SC-600 solid body 3 pickup electric guitar owned by Kenny Loggins This Yamaha SC600 solid body, electric guitar was made in Japan in 1982. It has three single-coil pickups but they are must be insulated really well because it exhibits none of the hum usually associated with single coils. It was owned by Kenny Loggins and used on tours and recording sessions from 1992-2000. It comes with a letter of authenticity from Kenny Loggins (on "Higher Vision - A Kenny Loggins Company" stationary), an autographed photograph, guitar technician notes, and a copy of our original bill of sale. We have not modified anything on the guitar. It's in the exact state that Kenny last played it. It comes with the original hard shell case which has roadie notes/references taped to it still. The case is missing on latch but closes and locks fine.

The guitar is in excellent playing condition and very good+ cosmetic condition. It was definitely used on stage and the buckle-wear on the back shows it. The neck is straight and all the electronics work correctly. This is a professional level guitar with an excellent dynamic range of tones and top quality tuners. The guitar can go from rock to jazz and if you kick in the battery-powered coil tap switch it will do heavy metal, easily! The original 1982 catalog description below gets in to all the details on it's design and functionality. Two things to note: the nut is brass on this model and the finish is a grey-blue. So we're speculating this guitar was created as custom model for Kenny Loggins. The guitar will be loved by both players, collectors, and Kenny Loggins fans.
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The SC400 and SC600 offer the guitarist new quality and craftsmanship in the versatile three pickup format. These guitars offer high output single coil pickups and a light, comfortable and futuristic body style. The SC Guitars give a new dimension to one of the electric guitar's most popular formats.Description from

Integral One-Piece Neck
The SC600 features a neck of laminated maple and mahogany that extends through to the heel of the body ensuring optimum response, sustain and fine tone.

5-Position Pickup Selector
The SC series guitars give you a 5-position pickup selector that lets you select pickups 1, 1 and 2, 2, 2 and 3, or 3 at the flip of a finger.

High-Performance Bridge
Both the SC600 and SC400 feature a special Yamaha-designed bridge that is superior to other bridges used in guitars of this type. In this unique design, the strings are not bent drastically at the bridge saddles, so choking is easier and overall response is smoother. The large contact surface area of the bridge's base transmits the string vibration to the body more efficiently for better body response. And the strings can be conveniently threaded from the top of the instrument rather than the more conventional bottom-loading system.

Power-Packed Pickups
The single-coil pickups used in the SC600 and SC400 are a new design featuring powerful Alnico-5 pole magnets with extra coil windings for a fuller, fatter sound. The SC600 is provided with a coil tap switch that lets you switch out the extra coil windings for a bright, crisp tone.

* Three top-performance Yamaha single-coil pickups.
* Coil tap switch expands tonal range.Description from
* 5 position pickup selector (1/1 + 2/2/2 + 3/3).
* Thin neck design for greater playability.

BODY: Alder with ash top
FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, dot inlays, 22 frets-25 1/2" scale.
NECK: Laminated maple and mahogany through body.
COLORS: Oil Stain, Persimmon Red

Yamaha SC600-Kenny Loggins Item #: y1001 SOLD

Yamaha SC-600 solid body 3 pickup electric guitar owned by Kenny Loggins