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We get a lot of questions asked about the guitars for sale.
Here's the answers to a few of them.

Danelectro Standard 3021, semi-hollow body, electric guitar with 2 pickups in black 1959 Q: I have a Silvertone guitar just like one on your site but it sold. How much did you sell it for?

A: Once a guitar is sold we will not disclose the sale price. That is a confidential matter between and the customer.

Q: May I use the text or images from for my ebay listing, Craigslist listing, web site, etc.?

A: NO. All the images and text on this site are copyrighted to and may only be used with written permission. We spend a tremendous amount of time building and maintaining this site and present all the information for your reference for free. So please respect our hard work and do not copy our text or images.

But, you are welcome to put a link to our site or any specific page, as a reference for your listing or web site.

Q: I have a Silvertone guitar and would like to know more information about it. Can you please give me details about x, y, & z?

A: All the information I have is listed on this site. There's links on the gallery page to sites with more information. Please look at those. We also recommend doing a Google search for your guitar. That will generally show up some more information. We apologize for this, but just do not have enough time to answer all your questions.

BURNS-BALDWIN Model 706 ES-335 style semi-hollow body translucent red finish, made in Italy assembled in the US Q: I'm looking for part(s) for my Silvertone. Do you sell Silvertone parts?

A: No, we have no parts for sale. Silvertone parts are extremely hard to find. There are a few places that sell new, replacement parts online. Do a web search for them.

Q: I have a Silvertone guitar that I want to sell. How much will you give me for it?

A: The price we pay for a guitar varies according to it's condition. We will only purchase guitars that are, in general, completely original. If parts have been replaced or it's been repainted we are not interested in purchasing it. It also has to be fully functional (all the electronics must work properly) and the neck has to be straight. If you are interested in selling a Vintage Silvertone guitar please contact me with a fairly detailed description of the condition including photos. Important parts to show in photos are a close ups of the body and neck.

Now that we've expanded our guitar lines, we are also interested in purchasing other brands of guitars besides Silvertones. If you have a unique guitar that's from 1980 or earlier please contact us about it. Generally, we're looking for "different" guitars. Fenders, Gibsons, and Gretches are not really of interest right now unless they're truly unique.

Kapa 506 2 pickpu sunburst semihollow body assembled in Maryland parts from Japan-Germany circa 1970 Q: I have a Silvertone guitar that is not listed on your site. Can you help me identify it?

A: Unfortunately no, we get a lot of these requests so I don't have time to answer them.

Q: I live outside the United States. Can I place an order for a guitar?

A: Yes, we are now accepting international orders. But we only ship via Fedex or UPS and the shipping costs generally run about $400 except for Canada. *The free shipping option is only for US customers.

If you want to pay for an international order with a credit card you MUST have a VERIFIED PayPal address. International Money Orders made out in US Dollars are also accepted as payment. International customers will be responsible for any taxes, tariff, fees, etc. outside of the price you pay here. All sales are final outside the US; no refunds or returns. Please Contact us before placing an order.

NOTE: We can now take orders from Canadian customers. But you MUST have a VERIFIED PayPal address. Canadian customers will be responsible for any taxes, tariff, fees, etc. outside of the price you pay here. The shipping rate will be higher than the standard US fee; rate will be adjusted after order is placed. Contact us in advance if you'd like to check the shipping costs prior to placing an order.

Q: I have a guitar with a very worn condition finish. I'm thinking about refinishing it. Will that devalue the guitar?

A: Yes, refinishing the guitar will lower it's resale value. So if you plan to resell the guitar do NOT refinish it.

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