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JAGUAR - circa 1965 - HARMONY

This is an mid 1960's Silvertone made by Harmony of Chicago. This is a Fender Jaguar knock-off. It has DeArmond pick ups, mother-of-pearl inlays on neck, and whammy bar. Cosmetically this guitar is fantastic. All the electronics work great. But it has a bit of fret buzz on the E and B strings so it needs a good set up. (Note: tuning pegs are not yellow; they're white. Sorry for the bad photo)

Here's the original description from the 1966 Sears catalog:

Extra Thin
Solid-body Electric Guitars

Dual steel reinforcing-rods in neck keep fingerboard true and responsive...set strings low as you like to speed up those fast or difficult rock 'n roll chords.

Our easist-to-play solid-body guitars, Slimest possible neck makes every chord easier to reach. Strings only 1/16 in. above fingerboard. Vibrato tailpiece adds Hawaiian-guitar effects. Each pickup has tone and volume controls. Adjustable bridge, Rosewood fingerboard with celluloid binding; inlaid position markers. About 2 x 13 x 39 inches long. Body protected with hard maple veneer finish.

Dual pickup...three pickup combinations. Hand-rubbed finish; red sunburst top. model 1478L
Silvertone 1478L - Harmony Jaguary Silvertone 1478L - Harmony Jaguar details

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