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SUPRO 1958

This is a 1950's Silvertone made by National. It's part of their Supro line. This Supro Dual Tone model mostly likely from 1958. Supro is a guitar line of the National-Dobro company from Chicago. In 1962 Supro was changed to Valco who in 1967 bought Kay guitars of Chicago and then went bankrupt in 1968. To me this guitar is incredibly beautiful with it's Art Deco lines and design. Notice the pickguard is offset from the body by about an inch. The pickups look like humbuckers but I believe they're actually single coils (comments, thoughts?).Description from

This guitar is in amazing condition for it's age. It seems like it's been very gently played over the years. The paint on the headstock is cracking a bit but it's barely noticable. The body has a few minor belt scratches. The neck is a little thick in a deep sense not wide. The action is medium...not too fast not too slow. It could be a piece to hang on the wall or rock out with like The White Stripes. Jack White you'll love this one!!! It comes with a gig bag but will be packed lovingly for shipping.Description from

Silvertone Artist SOLD

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