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This is a 1965 Silvertone made by Teisco of Japan. This guitar has four pick ups that provide an incredible array of possibilities. It has a fully functional whammy bar and is incredibly solid...literally heavy. It's action is incredibly fast. There's some chips and wear on the body. I love this guitar for the crazy psychedelic rock I've been doing. The various combinations of tone, pickups, and whammy effect add infinite possibilities.

The guitar has definitely been played over the years. There's a few nicks scratches and someone put a seriel number on the neck plate. It's got some sweet antiquing (see photos for details)! So you'll look like a seasoned veteran with it on stage PLUS it's so crazy looking so you're audience will love it! It could be hung on a wall but to me that would be sad cause it loves to be played! The Teisco model number for this guitar is WG-4L.

Silvertone TG1 - Teisco Amp In Guitar Silvertone EZ4540 or 460 - Teisco - 4 pick ups

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