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Epiphone Casino - Robert Quine's 1995 2 pickup (Duncan's) black semi-hollow body including a package of Robert Quine collectables Here's the second of three guitars we acquired from Punk rock legend Robert Quine's personal collection. This is an Epiphone Casino semi-hollow body, electric guitar from 1995. It is the first year of the Casino reissues. The serial number: R95A3xxx (last 3 digits removed) dates it to 1995. It's in virtually new condition.Description from

It's seen very little use. I was told by Robert's guitar technician that he changed the pickups to Duncans. So it's been customized from the stock setup. It's possible this was a custom order since it has a Bigsby tremolo system. The guitar is ebony (black) and is fully bound with white binding. The guitar has a spruce top, laminated maple back and sides. The neck is maple with a rosewood fingerboard and 22 frets. (Note: the wood specified are from the Blue Book listing but may not be completely accurate to this particular guitar.)Description from

It includes the original Epiphone hard shell case. Everything works properly and the neck is straight. All the hot spots you see in the photos are reflections; the finish has virtually no nicks or dents. (The other Robert Quine guitar is a Fender Stratocaster Elite.)

This guitar includes a package of collectables from both from Robert Quine's estate along with items related to his legacy (not shown.)
The memorabilia from Robert's estate includes:
* Two sets of his original Fender strings (9-38's)
* A copy of Punk Magazine: Issue #6 with Robert, Richard Hell and the rest of the band in it from October 1976 ("The Legend of Nick Detroit")
* All the original literature, guitar strap, and hardware that came with the guitar
In addition, the package includes:
* A copy of Richard Hell and The Voidoids "Blank Generation" on CD
* An extremely rare DVD of "Punking Out" with live footage of Richard Hell and The Voidoids at CBGB's from 1976-1977 shot by Ric Shore
* Another item or two will be added shortly to this list

This package will include a letter stating the authenticity of the items from along with other documentation from the estate.

Robert Quine was an original member of the seminal punk rock band Richard Hell and The Voidoids. He also played with Lou Reed, Brian Eno, Tom Waits, Marianne Faithfull, They Might Be Giants and many other musicians. He also recorded many of the original Velvet Underground concerts from the 1960's and released a set called the "Quines Tapes." Robert Quine died in 2004. For more information on Robert Quine see his web site. Here's a direct link to his gear.

Epiphone Casino Item #: epi1001 SOLD

Epiphone Casino - Robert Quine's 1995 2 pickup (Duncan's) black semi-hollow body including a package of Robert Quine collectables