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circa 1970

Acoustic-Mosrite Celebrity - semi-hollow body prototype electric guitarThis is an extremely rare (if not the only one) Acoustic-Mosrite Celebrity electric guitar. This is a thinline, semi-hollow body guitar done in the Mosrite Celebrity or G ibson ES335 style. The sound ranges from surf to punk rock to smooth and mellow. All the electronics work and the neck is straight. I had the screws in the bridge replaced because they wouldn't turn to adjust the intonation but the originals are in the case. The guitar has a basic chip-core case but will be packed well for shipping. It was just set up with some seriously fast action! So it's ready to jam!

This guitar is actually a bit of a mystery. It has an Acoustic logo on the headstock like they used on the Black Widows but the body is a Mosrite Celebrity from the late 1960's or early 1970s. The logo appears to be screen printed and not a sticker but I could be wrong on that detail. The neck is definitely a Mosrite because of the zero fret, rounded nut, and thick headstock that's recessed below the fret board. It appears to be one of The Ventures model's necks.

I believe it to be a prototype that Semi Moseley put together before he designed the Black Widows for Acoustic. So that would make it a joint effort between Mosrite and Acoustic. Acoustic at the time was producing amplifiers so this may have been their first foray into guitar manufacturing.

The other possibility is that someone from Acoustic bought some parts at one of the Mosrite auctions and assembled the guitar. Acoustic was another Bakersfield California (or nearby)-based guitar and amplifier company. They co-designed the Black Widow and had it produced in Japan at the Matsumoko guitar factory by Aria/Univox/Ibanez. Although, the last 200 Acoustic Black Widows were put together by Semi Moseley which adds some credibility to this being a prototype.

There's an interesting note on the pick-ups. The top one has the register mark but the bottom one does not. Apparently, by late 1967 all Mosrite had the register mark, presumably they registered the design by that time. So this is a mixed pair of mid-and-late 1960's pickups which was fairly common in the Mosrite between 1966 and 1968. But the Celebrity body is indicative of the late 1960's or early 1970's models because it has the white plate around the knobs and pick-up switch. The bridge appears to be from one of The Ventures models and most of the other parts appear to be American made as opposed to Japanese, like the Black Widows. If you know any more information on this guitar I'd love to find out about it. Please contact with any details.

Mosrite guitars were first established in 1952 by Semi Moseley and Ray Boatwright. The name was created by merging their last names. Semi Mosely founded the company after leaving Rickenbacker. The company was originally in Bakersfield California but moved over the years throughout the United States. Semi Moseley ran the company until his death in 1993. He made guitars for The Ventures, Nokie Edwards, Joe Maphis, and various other guitarists.

Acoustic-Mosrite Celebrity Item #: mosr1002 SOLD

Acoustic-Mosrite Celebrity - semi hollow body electric guitar

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